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[2006-07-23-WWE-Great American Bash] Fit Finlay vs William Regal

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WWE US Champion Finlay vs William Regal - GA 2006


"Give me some skin, Teddy!" - Finlay


Finlay was in the midst of a feud with Bobby Lashley, but Lashley was suffering from elevated liver enzymes and so he is out and instead we get this gem. Even when their matches are unheralded you got to go out of your way to see a Finlay vs Regal bout. Not as good as their WCW wars, but this is still a hard hitting, badass affair. Now the fans do get restless and they end up chanting boring. I don't think it was due to bad workmanship per se, but the lack of a narrative. It is hard to call this a spotfest as there were almost no highspots. But there was no web between the spots. Regal was sort of playing de facto babyface, but they did not do a shine or a heat segment. They didn't get the fans invested in Regal. They went out and did a Regal vs Finlay match where they stiffed the hell out of each other. Yes, that appeals to me, but I don't think that would appeal to the broader audience. I actually thought they had a couple missed opportunities. This was during the time period where Finlay had the Little Bastard (aka Hornswoggle) under the ring. The first two times Regal got momentum, the Little Bastard was there to stunt it. The first time he was hitting Regal with a shillelagh and second time he bit his fingers. This could have led to great hand psychology from Finlay. Or they could have kept up with the narrative that Regal cant get anything going with that Little Bastard under the ring. JBL tells Michael Cole not to call him that because he may have parents. Turns out he was a bastard, the bastard son of Vince McMahon. :)


The finish was a typically creative, good one from these two. Finlay does his classic catch his opponent in the apron skirt. Regal comes out without one of his boots. Cole surmises that the Little Bastard must have taken it. Finaly stomps the foot and goes for the throat. Regal fires up and grabs the shillelagh. Little Bastard gives Finlay the boot and he waylays him for the win. This is a match that I clearly enjoy, but understand that it is tone deaf and lacked a narrative. ***1/2

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