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[1974-03-14-Joint Promotions] Mick McManus vs Tony St. Clair


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If you've seen one McManus match you've pretty much seen them all, but don't let that stop you from watching him. McManus is an expert heel but more importantly an expert on how to build interesting matches around the same formula; that he never lost on TV for 20 years straight while still keeping it fresh speaks volumes about him. His clinical holds and violent jabs in this were pretty great. St. Clair is about as good as any other babyface would be in this situation, playing it pretty basic for the most part, altough he did have this cool flipping arm snap move that should be steal worthy to today's flip-loving indy wrestlers and McManus did this cool noodle arm sell in response. They work some believable near finishes (including a DQ tease that had the crowd by the balls) and a pretty nice eventual conclusion. Bread and butter stuff but it's a threat to watch McManus do his thing as even 45 years later his stuff hasn't aged a bit.

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