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[2014-05-01-IWA-MS-Derby Madness] Kongo Kong vs Danny Cannon


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I'm a sucker for David vs Goliath type of matches, this was literally billed as one and didn't disappoint. My only gripe about it was Danny kicking out at 1 after Kong's cannonball, everything else clicked with me. Loved Cannon showing fire and speed trying to one up the monster, but still getting caught numerous times because Kong is just too damn big and powerful. Finish was also great as it left no doubt about the winner. 13 minutes of very good wrestling.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2014-05-01-IWA-MS-Derby Madness] Kongo Kong vs Danny Cannon
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Kongo is comically large, Cannon is an average looking small flippy indie guy.  This was a fun big guy/little guy battle.  Cannon tries his hardest to knock Kongo over, but it just takes one blow from Kongo to level Cannon.  They go outside the ring and Cannon tries three topes in a row but still can't topple Kongo, then runs all the way around the ring and dives off the top turnbuckle and gets caught by Kongo with ease.  I thought Kongo attempting a cannonball into the corner was a ridiculous idea for a guy his size, but it set up the coolest spot of the night when Cannon managed to hang from the rafters and drop a double stomp onto Kongo's back.  Cannon could've won the match but Kongo was so large, Cannon couldn't roll him over onto his back to attempt a pin.  He finally does and Kongo kicks out at 1.  He wins soon after with a splash off the top rope.  This was part of a title tournament and was fun enough to make me want to see where Kongo goes from here.


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