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[2018-03-13-WWE-Smackdown] Bludgeon Brothers vs Jimmy Uso & Big E.


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Before the match, Big E and Jimmy cut some fantastic promos, mentioning how they don't have their friends & family beside them due to the actions of the Bludgeon Brothers. This feels like a huge deal, and it actually would fit as the main event of a non-big four PPV.


Before BB can hit the ring, Langston and Uso are quick to hit them as much as they can, and they actually get steel chairs to make things even, as the heels have actual mallets with them. And holy shit, they actually swing that shit! This feels like the best of blood feuds and I am loving everything.


As for the match itself, while nothing really special, even though the flurry of offense the faces get and the cut offs were very well done, it didn't have enough time to develop into greatness - and truth be told, it wasn't the place for it. Nice and contained action used to enhance a VERY GOOD storyline.



No reason for the eventual triple threat at Wrestlemania to not become a superior version to the already great DIY/Revival/AOP elimination tag match.



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