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[1989-06-30-CMLL] El Faraon vs El Satanico

Matt D

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Apparently Faraon was a tecnico here but you wouldn't know it. This was a heated (stakeless) mano a mano match. Structure was Satanico taking over in the primera with a beatdown into the segunda, Faraon coming back at the end of that, and then getting his revenge into the tecera until they went towards the finish. Satanico's beatdown was as good as it ever was. He's the best heel in the history of wrestling after all. Faraon wrestled dirty for the most part, trading nasty tactic for nasty tactic with Satanico. Most of the main transitions were due to the ref getting involved which is never ideal. Despite being gritty, this still felt "big" with big whiffs at certain points. Faraon's Slam/Senton/Mecedora was a cool sequence. They were playing for the back rows even if they were plenty mean about it. I liked the parallel spots but they would have made more sense if Faraon was a rudo. Satanico was having matches like this every week for decades on end. That we don't have more of them readily available is a travesty. The foul on the finish was so good I wish he had gotten away with it. Only Satanico.

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