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[2018-03-06-WWE-205 Live] Buddy Murphy vs Mustafa Ali


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The opening portion of the match does a great job establishing the fact that not only is Murphy the bigger, more powerful of the two, but also the quicker one. Ali establishes that he is no slouch either, he one ups Murphy & mocks his taunt - that lead to a DISGUSTING lariat thrown by Murphy. Great stuff. The match is wrestled with more & more sense of urgency as it goes on - both guys did a TREMENDOUS job doing that. You can feel Ali's desperation as he is pretty much getting outclassed - he gets one big opening though. He does a goddamn NASTY 450 to the arm of Murphy; that was absolutely vicious & Murphy sells it like death. Ali finally got a gameplan going; he starts targeting Murphy's arm at every chance he gets, weakening it big time as the match goes on. Murphy sells it greatly. Like I mentioned, the urgency just keeps on rising & rising. Murphy knows his arm is fucked, but he still risks it by doing big dives & moves (still selling in superb fashion) - he knows what's at stake. This match honestly did the best job in recent memory in putting over it's stipulation of winner gets _____. The finish is great w/ Murphy selling that arm like it's about to explode & Ali capitalizing on the damage he had done. Amazing stuff. GODDAMN. Blew me away - Buddy Murphy is indeed "the best kept secret" in WWE; had no idea he had this kind of stuff in him! ****1/4

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