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[2018-03-09-ROH-16th Anniversary Show] Dalton Castle vs Jay Lethal


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Absolutely blown away by this. Felt like a real throwback to the wars legends like Bryan Danielson, Samoa Joe, Roderick Strong & Nigel McGuinness had for that ROH World Championship. The 25+ minutes were spent expertly - they let things breathe & built everything perfectly. Fantastic, physical action. Told the story of the ace of ROH in Jay Lethal making 'a man' out of Dalton Castle. I am confident in saying that what they did there resulted in the best ROH match since the 2012 Ladder War between Generico & Steen. It represented everything those 3 letters, ROH, have stood for in the last 16 years. A classic. Also BOBBY CRUISE! What a man! ****3/4

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Have to agree that this is the best ROH World Title match in years (though I for one abhorred the Steenerico Ladder War). Castle played a fantastic babyface throwing excellent punches against the battle tough veteran in Jay Lethal. Thought they really took their time to build things up and establish the stories here especially with Castle experiencing his knee injury early on. Thought Lethal could have helped out by selling some things a little better like the German down onto the concrete (both spots were quite exciting). And yes, Bobby Cruise. That got a legitimate pop from me. This was really awesome and does harken back to the ROH World Title classics of yesteryear.



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