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[2008-03-07-wXw-16 Carat Gold] Bryan Danielson vs Mike Quackenbush


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Fun work on the mat, both guys battling to get the control over each other to start things off. It’s a joy to watch because Danielson & Quack are absolute masters. Once the pace quickens, things spill to the outside & Bryan hurts his knee. Quack starts targeting it, but not very aggressively. He leaves an opening for Danielson who starts targeting his arm in very vicious fashion. Quack is in big trouble, selling the arm excellently, as Danielson works all over his arm. He gets some great comebacks in because there were a few times when Danielson got caught up talking shit & posing for the crowd, but ultimately, the American Dragon’s attack on his arm is just too much. An absolutely wonderful match that felt like a true chess game w/ both guys looking to capitalize on each other's brief mistakes. ****1/4

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