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[2000-11-24-IWA-PR-Manati, PR] Yoshihiro Tajiri & Chicky Starr vs Steve Corino & Miguel Perez Jr (Hardcore Death)


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Was curious to see what Corino and Tajiri were up to with ECW running so few dates around this time. Here, they're doing a standard garbage brawl. While it's always fun to see Corino stooge for Tajiri and inevitably stain his blond hair red, there's really not much to this one other than weapon shots. The RF Video-level camerawork is a killer for any parts on the outside, and even misses the finish (which I think was Corino blocking a Tajiri charge with a garbage can and getting a roll up, but it was hard to tell). Very skippable.

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Corino is still a heel in Puerto Rico. I liked the tag setup to convey the violent and frantic nature of PR wrestling than the four way the previous night. Tajiri and Corino really should be the main focal point feud in ECW right now. This had a ton of trashcan shots and surprisingly no color from Corino as he sneaks out a win. Perez and Star paired off as well and we didn’t get to see much of their battle against each other. **3/4


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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-11-24-IWA-PR-Manati, PR] Yoshihiro Tajiri & Chicky Starr vs Steve Corino & Miguel Perez Jr (Hardcore Death)
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The peroxide goatee on the dark haired, thinning, Miguel Perez is not a good look.  He’s got some words for the fans which sounds like it gets him some heat, however my Spanish is still non-existent so I’m at a loss as to what was said.  Chicky grabs a chair as he’s making his entrance and tosses that into the ring.  Everyone pairs off, Feinstein choosing to follow Tajiri and Corino as the match quickly spills out onto the gym floor.  Corino takes a ridiculous OTT bump when he’s clobbered in the head with a trash can lid.  Yet more shots with it and I’m surprised he hasn’t bladed.  Oh yeah, non-ECW show!  He gets hold of a cord which he uses to choke Tajiri with before denting a baking sheet over the Buzzsaw’s head.  All four return to the ring and this is primarily nothing but weapon shots.  Now Corino is audibly calling spots, loudly telling Tajiri “Tarantula”.  Corino is bleeding and, just as I’m trying to work out where he possibly bladed, you hear him say “I’m bleeding hardway”.  The cut appears to be on the top of his head as opposed to his forehead.  Tajiri uses a plunger, Chicky continues to hit Miguel with whatever he can get his hands on.  When Perez finally gets in a bit of offense, it’s a similar story, hitting his opponents with trash cans, trash can lids and baking trays.  This is repetitive and not particularly good.  Tajiri with a brainbuster to Corino on one of the lids, Miguel breaking up the cover.  In typical Feinstein style he almost misses the finish, turning the camera away after Corino had superkicked a chair into Tajiri’s face, to see what Chicky and Perez are up to, only just turning back in time.

Bad match with four guys who spent nigh on the duration hitting each other with garbage cans and baking trays; weapons the sound impactful but don’t hurt.  Repetitive beyond belief. 

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