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[2018-04-17-WWE-Smackdown] Aiden English & Rusev vs A.J. Styles & Daniel Bryan


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First of all, I know Rusev's been getting a lot of love in recent months w/ the whole Rusev Day shtick, but goddamn this was the first time I realized just how over he/it is. Dueling chants vs. AJ STYLES & the "Rusev Day!" -chants might've even won that exchange. The match itself is a very traditional & basic in it's structure - shine for the babyfaces to start it off, Bryan looked great in it; loved those jabs he unleashed on English in the corner. After a while of AJ getting to run through the heels, we go to the commercials & as we return it's a FIP segment w/ him. AJ's of course a wonderful FIP; great selling from the man, and I loved how he did those hot tag teases before he was cut off. Really good stuff. Also not surprised to say that Bryan's hot tag was really great. As I mentioned it's really basic TV tag match in it's structure, but it's a really good one. ***1/2

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