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[2002-05-26-NOAH] KENTA vs Yoshinobu Kanemaru


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There's something to be said about these early junior NOAH matches, they were all into building toward a hot finishing stretch as opposed to just do a zillion spots like today's stuff. ANd it's really refreshing to have the guys take in down slow at first. Kanemaru is a dick and when he tales control, he bodyslams KENTA outside and shit's on. Nice dynamic actually, with KENTA being bullied around until he finally makes a comeback then it's bomb throwing times. Very-good/Excellent match with the trademark delayed selling on a killer spot exchange, leading to one of them taking advantage. Kanemaru is slept on, he wasn't flashy but he was super solid and had the dickish attitude down pat. KENTA was still in the early stages, sporting what I think are Kobashi's old boots. As New Japan was the junior territory until that point, NOAH was doing a great job establishing their division as something important (as opposed to AJ under Baba).

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