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[2000-11-25-ECWA-Battle at the Bob] Low Ki vs Scoot Andrews


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Scoot is a guy who had a great look and would probably have gotten a much closer look by big promotions nowadays, when height matters less. Interesting to see Ki bust out a flying head scissors here, as that's not something I recall him using a lot. There's a really nice counter of a bulldog here by Scoot, although that's again not a standard Low Ki move, so maybe it's a common counter that I'm forgetting Scoot used a lot. A cross body block from Ki and he is really working this match in an odd way. He counters a chin lock by getting the crowd the stomp along with him and gets Scoot into the ropes for a back body drop? I mean, some of Ki's standard moveset is here, but there's so much that's out of character that it's fairly disorienting. Ki win's this with a Phoenix Splash (which he usually uses as a dive), which doesn't land clean.


Worth a watch if you've been following Ki's stuff and want to see something a bit different from him, but otherwise skippable.

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This kind of felt like a tv match of what these two could do. Andrews has shown himself to be a solid base and I am confident Low Ki is one of the 25 best workers of the year but this match never fully developed and rushed itself to the finish. The phoenix splash finish missing was unfortunate too. I had high hopes that this could have been a hidden gem but instead it was just solid which for a longish Ki match in 2000 is disappointing. **1/2

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-11-25-ECWA-Battle at the Bob] Low Ki vs Scoot Andrews
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Andrews reminds everyone that the last time they wrestled he sent Low Ki to the hospital, tonight he’s going to break his neck so that he will never wrestle again.  They’re cutting a much quicker pace than you would expect out of these two, it’s relentless and you’re not getting a chance to catch your breath.  Scoot ducks out the way of a charging Ki and pulls down the top rope, sailing out over it to the floor.  Flip dive from the ‘BNB’.  That was actually the same spot I watched in his King of Indies match against Vinny Massaro earlier today, only the rotation was a touch quicker here.  He starts taking liberties with his covers, on one occasion putting a solitary single foot on Ki’s chest following a vertical suplex.  Ki starts to fire back but Scoot counters the bulldog with a uranage.  A high release exploder.  Again Ki looks to be getting back into things, ducking a clothesline and landing a Koppu kick to the back that sends Scoot sprawling through the ropes to the outside, however he gets flapjacked onto the apron after taking off after him.  Falling headbutt by Scoot.  He misses the top rope legdrop, not the first time I’ve seen him miss that, only for Ki to then straddle himself across the middle. Pumphandle Driver, but rather than get the win he decides to lift him up at the count of two.  That backfires as Ki escapes the second Driver and counters into a ‘Ki Krusher’.  The Phoenix Splash barely connects although still has enough behind it for him to pick up the win.

The speed they were working at really through me as I expected a slower affair, where things sink in and stuff means something, that wasn’t the case.  It was almost “spot” driven.  Nothing wrong with the execution, bar that Phoenix Slash, but overall a forgettable match, something that you can’t say about the majority of Ki’s output this year.  Even stuff like that terrible JAPW three way or that car crash tag match in CZW, while they weren’t as good as this, they were more memorable.

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