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[2000-10-29-ARSION] Ayako Hamada & Xochitl Hamada vs Mima Shimoda & Michiko Omukai


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I like this pairing of non LCO tag for Shimoda as she is clearly the leader and it gives her depth in being able to boss around Omukai. Hamada tandem was also a neat dynamic with Xochilt being defensive of Ayako being attacked and having some chunky offense with the lariats, sentons and powerbombs. Ayako and Mima are wearing almost identical gear on opposite sides throughout this match which made it a tad confusing to watch from a distance. Xochilt even covers herself over Ayako at one point to sacrifice herself up. This clips into a neat sequence of Mima and Michiko executing double submissions. Michiko overall is a unique worker. Pretty nondescript overall but not terrible either. A WAR replacement type joshi worker for 2000. Ayako is able to reverse into a submission and then make the tag where Xochilt really runs through some big girl offense. Things open up more with Ayako going for the asai moonsault on the outside and Mima smacking her with a chair. The tide returns with a clip of an Ayako palm strike and Xochilt getting the splash mountain on Michiko for the pin. Good match overall. *** (5.9)


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Now that Ive settled on Hamada as one of the bright young stars of Josh, Im inclined to watch more of her stuff. I think she may have been better than Satomura at this point which is something I wouldnt have dreamed of saying a few weeks ago. I liked the way she wouldnt take any shit from Shimoda and beat the crap out of her, since frankly she was a much tougher specimen than Mima. The match was a bit disjointed since Im not sure that Ayakos sister fully understood the ebb and flow of Joshi pro-wrestling but it wasnt too bad. Omukai is a really awkward worker. She reminds me of KAORU in that respect. I know she has her fans but I find her work jarring. She paired up well with Shimoda though. This was pretty much only worth watching to track Hamadas progress but I did enjoy her performance.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-10-29-ARSION] Ayako Hamada & Xochitl Hamada vs Mima Shimoda & Michiko Omukai

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