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[2000-11-01-NWA Wildside-Athens, GA] A.J. Styles & Onyx vs Air Paris & Mark E. Mark


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A neat houseshow fancam for NWA Wildside and Styles and Onyx are faces as the Georgia Bulldogs get run down by Marky Mark in front of the Athens crowd. The match runs a traditional tag structure with AJ getting worked over for the majority of the match. Paris and Mark aren’t mind blowing on top but they do enough stuff to keep the interest of the crowd and there is investment and a reaction when the hot tag is made. Onyx and AJ do their double team moves which fit much better as a face tandem and end up picking up the win to a sizeable pop. *** (6.1)


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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-11-01-NWA Wildside] A.J. Styles & Onyx vs Air Paris & Mark E. Mark
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Unlike Lazz vs A.J. Styles from the NWA 52nd Anniversary Show which I initially thought was Wildside house show footage, this actually is from a Wildside house show in Athens, GA.  The fans are cheering for Styles and Onyx, who don’t have Jeff G. Bailey with them here.  Air Paris cuts a promo on “the inbred, peanut farmers” to establish themselves as the bad guys.  Paris and Styles exchange arm wringers, Air being the one who goes to the ropes for the break claiming a non-existent hair pull.  The picture all of a sudden goes funny for thirty seconds or so, like you’re watching the match through night vision goggles!  Styles continues to get the better of things so Paris tags out to Mark E. Mark.  The crowd are wanting to see Onyx in there and A.J. is happy to oblige.  Onyx escapes the hammerlock with a belly to back suplex, dumping Mark on the back of his head.  High impact powerslam.  There’s no-one home on the standing moonsault but Mark E. then misses with the powerdrive elbow.  Floatover facejam by Onyx, forcing Paris to break up the pin attempt.  Nice dropkick from Styles.  Mark reverses a whip into the turnbuckles and floors A.J. with a running lariat in the corner.  Paris goads Onyx into the ring and the heels get in a bit of double teaming behind the referee’s back.  Styles blocks the piledriver and counters with a spinning Kryptonite Krunch.  Again though Onyx is unable to control himself and while the official deals with him, Paris is in to switch places with his partner.  Styles with a tip up over the incoming Paris, however as he comes down he hooks his opponent under the armpits with his feet turning it into a real smart rolling cradle.  The heel duo go to work on A.J.’s knee and as Mark keeps the referee busy Paris throws Styles over the top rope to the floor.  Onyx has seen enough and barges past the ref to help his partner who is being doubled teamed on the floor.  Michinoku Driver by Mark.  Rear chinlock as we get lots of “A.J., A.J.” chants from the kids in attendance.  Styles reverses an Irish whip and catches Paris with a frankensteiner.  Hot tag to Onyx who runs amok.  The finish isn’t far away, Onyx putting Mark across his knee with a backbreaker and then holding him there as Styles comes off the top with a legdrop for the win.  Post-match the heels try to make peace, offering their hands to their opponents, but Onyx slugs Mark while Styles gives Paris a Death Valley Driver.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-11-01-NWA Wildside-Athens, GA] A.J. Styles & Onyx vs Air Paris & Mark E. Mark

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