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[2018-05-03-NJPW-Wrestling Dontaku] Kenny Omega vs Hangman Page


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Omega's bloodied-up curly blond locks may be a throwback to the fiery brawls of the 80's, but there was nothing hellish about this one. Page busts up Omega's face after dropping him on the table and then proceeds to beat him down for the next 10 minutes, with little in the way of heat in the building. One of my main gripes of modern NJPW is that always have to make their big matches go long, even if it's completely unwarranted. This could of been a decent hotfooted brawl if they went for 10 minutes.


Soon after Omega makes his comeback, this spills into a typical NJPW finisher teasing main event. There's a few decent transitions here and there, but there's nothing to save this from mediocrity.



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I actually liked this quite a bit even if it required a lot of flash and a few hardcore spots to make up for Page's shortcomings. The aforementioned hardcore spots on the outside such as Cody's attack before the match started and the table spot gave this a bit of a hotter start than you see with most NJPW main events. Page working heat spots isn't really the most exciting thing but it wasn't terrible either. Kenny's comebacks featured a lot of his more flashy moves (including a knee that legit looked like it knocked Page loopy) and helped heat up the proceedings until the end. While I think this was proof Page isn't a main event-level talent, the smoke and mirrors in the beginning and the big move offense near the end were enough to help make this a pretty enjoyable bout.

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