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[2000-12-16-IWA-PR-Hardcore Weekend] Steve Corino vs Glamour Boy Shane


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First time seeing Shane, although the name is pretty familiar. It sounds like Corino may be a surprise replacement for someone (based on the music - Val Venis?). Shane wins a match by forfeit, but Corino attacks him and they have a short match (although the bell keeps ringing, so it might not be a match at all). Corino hits the superkick and Old School Expulsion and does a promo in Spanish. He also steals Shane's belt. Not much to this at all.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-12-16-IWA-PR-Hardcore Weekend] Steve Corino vs Glamour Boy Shane
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Corino doesn’t come out until Shane retreats back to the locker room thinking the match is off. Corino then comes out and attacks dominating the quick match. Corino gets on the mic speaking Spanish after the neckbreaker. He grabs a chair but gets apprehended by officials. Corino then grabs Shane’s belt before he leaves. I wouldn’t really call this a match and the violence that Corino inflicted didn’t seem worthy of Shane being laid out for over five minutes. NR.



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The ring announcer introduces Steve Corino but there is no sign of the ‘King of Old School’.  A minute must pass as we wait for him to make his way through the curtain, however he fails to materialise.  Shane, who made his entrance first, says something in Spanish that gets a rise from the crowd and we’re back looking at the entrance.  Still nothing.  Now the referee says something before starting a count, presumably Corino has until the count of ten to get out here otherwise he forfeits the match.  As he reaches ten, the bell rings and I assume that’s one in the win column for Shane.  He starts to make his way back to the dressing room and I’m kinda wondering why we’ve got this to watch.  Oh, as he’s slapping hands with the fans Corino finally appears, jumping him.  They head into the ring with the bell ringing constantly trying to get them to stop fighting.  Like that ever works!  Shane misses a big splash and Corino with a superkick followed by the ‘Old School Expulsion’.  The bilingual Corino then says something in Spanish himself as the crowd chant “E-C-W”.  He grabs a chair from ringside but a bunch more officials are out to get between the two wrestlers and put a stop to things.

Non-match, all angle, because generally in the year 2000 Steve Corino doesn’t bust a gut on independent shows!

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