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[2012-12-09-TNA-Final Resolution] A.J. Styles vs Christopher Daniels

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AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels Final Resolution 2012


-This is being billed as the last AJ vs Daniels match and might actually be. Super underrated feud. These two has insane chemistry.


-It will be interesting to see where they go from the violent, hate-filled brawl they did about six months ago


-Daniels does a great Owen Hart celebrating every shoulder tackle


-Daniels closing the gap so Style can't pop off his early match drop kick is great.


-Styles countering the hip toss and then nailing his dropkick is even better. Styles may be the greatest babyface ever at control segments which is incredibly hard.


-Love the symmetry of their matches with each taking an apron bump.


-AJ sells the hell out of his back. Daniels Suplex slams him on steel steps. Good Daniels heat segment on the back.


-AJ starts firing off great strikes. Cross body and they whack heads. AJ instantly cut above the eye. Nasty!


-AJ keeps on going. Springboard elbow but the cut is bothering him. Loses control to Daniels who hits some of his bigger highspots. AJ gets the Pele. That headshot is the prelude to the Styles Clash


-After some rigamarole STYLES CLASH! 1-2-NO!


-Top rope Styles Clash, nasty rana spikes AJ on his head. Daniels hits a Styles Clash for a cold three count.


They did a classic face vs heel match. I think they did a great job not as great as their other classics but both are excellent in their roles. I know AJ wins all their matches so it was weird to see Daniels go over especially in the last match ever. The finish was anticlimactic no one reacted because I don't think anyone expected that as the finish. Still thought everything built well the accidental blood was sick and raised the stakes. Seek out their other matches but this is a solid caper. ****

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The accidental blood was absolutely perfect here - I think they intended to take the match up a notch there regardless, but the accidental blood made it play like Styles was now desperate and felt like he had to finish things right then and there. Styles did a really nice job selling here - loved the Styles Clash coming out of the rollup sequence, but also that AJ couldn't roll him over and that cost him the pin. The reversal of the Styles Clash from the top rope, and then Daniels using it was perfect too (their matches featured a good amount of finisher trading, although I don't recall it going over the top). Another great match in a series (although I'd probably have it below the Last Man Standing).

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