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[2010-09-05-TNA-No Surrender] Motor City Machine Guns vs Generation Me (Max & Jeremy Buck)

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TNA World Tag Team Champions Motor City Machine Guns vs Generation Me - No Surrender 2010


I quite liked this. It was actually pretty damn good traditional tag before breaking down into a spotfest. The Young Bucks went by Max & Jeremy Buck of Generation Me, but I am going to call them Matt & Nick Jackson because I have no clue which one is Max and which one is Jeremy. At the time, the Young Bucks were still babyfaces.


The opening shine was great. Shelley was on fire with the chain wrestling busting out the Rocking Horse was quite the treat. I thought Sabin & Matt had a good babyface stalemate. Loved the old school armwork at the beginning by the Young Bucks only it was more violent than the 80s because they were coming off those ropes hard. I really liked how the Machine Guns used to double teams to re-establish control, but then how Nick Jackson used Sabin against Shelley. Sabin was going to be a springboard for Shelley, but Nick jumped off Sabin first hit the crossbody and tagged in his brother. Nice touches like that made me a fan of this match. Good heel heat segment on Alex Shelley's neck with a ton of pin attempts and great selling by Shelley and good focus by the brothers. Sabin was a good house of fire, lots of pep in his step. Shelley has a great suicide dive. My favorite spot of the match was Shelly driving a Buck who had him in a front facelock into the other Buck that was covering Sabin. That's a great use of that spot that I don't have ever seen before! SUPERKICK PARTY! The Bucks come out on the losing end and Machine Guns hit their finish to win. Post-match the Bucks turn heel and DDT Shelley on the floor on his injured neck.


I thought it was a well-executed old school tag team match that was updated for 2010. Some really nice spots that had a good twist and good finish run. Interesting to see what happens with the Bucks as full-on heels. ****

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I've been going through the Bucks' TNA stuff and quite enjoying it for what it is (up to this point, a lot of very short TV matches, along with an Ultimate X match with the Machine Guns that was a fun spotfest). Matt is Max Buck and Nick is Jeremy. There hasn't been much build to this match, other than a non-title match on TV which the Guns won.


They do a nice job early of keeping it on the ground but still cutting a nice pace. This is a babyface match, but the Bucks are slowly turning. Really enjoyed the heat segment, and unsurprisingly, there's a pretty nice finishing sequence. Love the super kick segment, obviously. The Bucks turn after the match and almost immediately get a surprising amount of heat.


Good match, although it feels like it suffers from knowing the bigness of the matches these teams would have in the future (and to an extent, had before in PWG).

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  • GSR changed the title to [2010-09-05-TNA-No Surrender] Motor City Machine Guns vs Generation Me (Max & Jeremy Buck)

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