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[2011-01-09-TNA-Genesis] Jeff Jarrett vs Kurt Angle

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Jeff Jarrett vs Kurt Angle - TNA Genesis 2011


You knew with Jarrett marrying Angle's ex-wife, Karen in the summer of 2010 that this was just a feud waiting to explode. I loved this feud and was one the last things that kept me watching TNA in 2011. We get a great recap that was the Double J Double M A Exhibition. Jarrett does not know if his submission victory over Samoa Joe was the greatest of his wrestling career, but he knows it was the greatest of his MMA career. LOL! Angle takes up Jarrett's open challenge.


Three 2 minute rounds. Perfect stuff. Jarrett is a coward. Angle is just playing with his food, Angle has no reason to be super pissed at Jarrett as the whole Karen thing has not been revealed on TV yet, but it has been alluded to. He wants to humiliate him and show him up. He invite him into guard and gives him his leg to shoot on. Angle takes him down at will and rolls into great submissions. Angle looked so great on the mat you wished this is how he wrestled all the time. I love Jarrett's goons psyching him up in between rounds with "Gold Medals mean nuthin!". Jarrett is saved by the bell both times from submission. He rubs a foreign substance into Kurt's eyes in the third round triggering the DQ and then bloodies him with punches. Great angle! Jarrett declares he is retiring from MMA. Awesome! This was a great way to up the ante. Jarrett was shown up completely and he reacted by bloodying Angle so this becomes a full grudge feud and Angle will out to kick ass and soon Karen Jarrett will be added. Love it! Good shit.

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