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[2001-05-20-AJPW] Yoshiaki Fujiwara & Masanobu Fuchi vs Masahito Kakihara & Mitsuya Nagai

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Is there a better surly old man team than Fujiwara & Fuchi? Probably not and as one might expect, they ruled this match. Unfortunately, it was clipped but you get all the highlights: Nagai and Fujiwara smacking each other silly, Fujiwara and Fuchi faking tag outs, Fuchi wishbone-ing the hell out of Kakihara, with Fujiwara coming in to assist. Brutal looking spot sold well by Kakihara. There are plenty of Fujiwara headbutts, a backdrop by Fuchi, but then the underdogs get some reprieve, with Kakihara taking out Fuchi with the Kakicutter and submitting him with the jujigatame following a double team. I could watch Fuchi and Fujiwara stretch and fuck people up all day long.

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