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[2000-11-16-IWRG] Super Parka & Mr Niebla & Gigolo vs Tarzan Boy & Silver King & Enterrador


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Tarzan Boy has promoted himself up to captain of the rudos already. Fast opening and then things settle down. Like most other IWRG matches, this is given a good amount of time in the first fall as though it is a squash for the rudos essentially, it lasts around 4 minutes compared to CMLL when it can be less than a minute. Unless im blanking, I am not very familiar with Gigolo and he was fun here in the second fall going against TB as to who is the sexist of them two. Tecnicos gain this one with some stereo moves against the rudos. So far, not an awful match but nothing too exciting. Third fall helps things a bit between Niebla and TB and Parka’s sweet dive onto TB on the outside. This leaves Niebla in the ring to pin Silver King. However, the rudos are able to convince of a foul and the referee gives the win to the rudos. We cut to a replay showing that King gave one to Gigolo earlier. Replacement level lucha. **1/2


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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-11-16-IWRG] Super Parka & Mr Niebla & Gigolo vs Tarzan Boy & Silver King & Enterrador

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