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[2000-11-17-ACW] Adam Pearce vs CM Punk


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Pearce is definitely the heel here, as he's really going after the crowd in his entrance. Odd vibe, as the lighting gives everything an orange glow. Punk is in smiling babyface mode, which I don't think would last much longer. Funny bit at the start where the ref finds a series of weapons on Pearce. Punk steals Pearce's shirt and puts it on - they're full in on the gaga. Lot of stalling, but it provides some nice energy when they actually do touch. Unfortunately, the camera work here is pretty bad, and we lose sight of the action with some frequency. They do some simple but effective brawling outside - a Pearce clothesline puts Punk through several rows of chairs. From there, the pace picks up pretty nicely. Finish sees some interference from Colt Cabana lead to Pearce getting the pin. Really solid match and a good marker if you're following Punk's development.

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I guess this happened before the previous match as here is Pearce chatting with the fans. I enjoyed this as he got right up in someones face and it got pretty personal between the two. Unfortunately that hate doesn’t carry over to the match as we get more jokes and interaction from Pearce as he gets checked by the referee. Pearce is really becoming grating. I will say the match was a lot better than the three way before. Rudimentary but Pearce did better at canning the comedy and doing a basic heel stuff on top. The clothesline on the chairs outside was a highlight. Punk’s comeback was timed nicely and he was able to get the crowd behind him. Another cheap win for the heel via nefarious means with outside interference. Decent match and I liked seeing full on babyface Punk. **1/2


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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-11-17-ACW] Adam Pearce vs CM Punk
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I’ve already watched the three-way main event of this show, I only hope this is better than that.  As Pearce makes his way around the ring he goes to backhand a fan who is applauding him.  The fan stands up out of his seat and it transpires he’s a good few inches taller than ‘Scrap Iron’ which I don’t think he anticipated.  They’re nose to nose having words when the dickhead fan motions to headbutt Pearce which leads to him palming him in the face.  That’s the end of some heated pre-match histrionics, the referee and someone else getting in between them before anything more physical happens.  As the official checks Pearce prior to the match getting underway he finds all manner of foreign objects (chain, toothbrush, nail file etc.) concealed in his pants.  He removes his jacket, which Punk then puts on, and this looks like it’s being played for laughs every bit as much as the three-way.  Punk wants to lock up but Pearce stalls and turns his back on his opponent, putting his head through the ropes.  When he does the same thing a second time, Punk kicks him in the behind and he takes a spill out to the floor.  The camera work is really shaky, I hope it improves somewhat.  Side headlock takedown by Punk and Pearce, forgetting he’s cropped his locks, complains of a hair pull.  It must be physically impossible to grab his hair with how short it is.  Each slaps the other hard across the face before another side headlock takedown.  If anything the camera work has gotten worse, often focussing on an empty section of the ring for some reason.  Pearce rolls through the ropes to the outside after an Irish whip and makes the most of the referee’s ten count.  As he climbs up onto the apron he clotheslines Punk across the top rope.  Flying elbow only gets him two so he re-covers his opponent, this time putting his feet on the ropes for additional leverage, but is caught by the official in doing so.  Pearce throws him out to the gym floor and clotheslines Punk who is sat on  a chair.  That seems to wake Punk up as Pearce is now backing off.  It appears ‘Scrap Iron’ was just luring him in, but Punk reverses the tombstone piledriver into one of his own.  Split legged moonsault, hit perfectly, however they’re too close to the ropes as Pearce gets a foot over them.  Punk with an Irish whip and Pearce jumps through the ropes to the outside.  As the referee looks at him wondering what is going on, Colt Cabana jumps Punk from behind while Pearce keeps the official busy.  Cabana spikes Punk, Pearce hops back inside and makes the cover while hooking the shorts for the win.  The two double team Punk after the match until they telegraph a double backdrop and Punk catches Pearce with another neckbreaker.  It looks like the fight will continue but Cabana and Pearce decide to leave it to another day.

A basic but fairly entertaining match and I enjoyed Pearce going full on Memphis Eddie Gilbert at the start as the official retrieved object after object from his person.  If I hadn’t already watched the main event I would’ve guessed they were holding something back for that.  I’ve still got the MAW match from around a week later between these two to watch, so will be interesting to see whether that’s a carbon copy or they mix it up a bit more.  My guess is the latter as not sure how this type of match would fly in front of that crowd.

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