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[1989-03-16-NJPW] Riki Choshu & Masa Saito vs Super Strong Machine & George Takano

Superstar Sleeze

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IWGP Tag Team Champions Riki Choshu & Masa Saito vs Super Strong Machine & George Takano - NJPW 3/16/89


Even with a very high finish (13/175) in the NJPW 80s Project this is not a match you hear about a lot. Choshu & Saito are two of the greatest pro wrestlers who ever lived. Top native heels battling the likes of Inoki & Fujinami throughout the 80s. While to be frank, Supet Strong Machine (Junji Hirata) & George Takano (fka Cobra) looks like the greatest 80s New Japan jobber team. I don't know enough about 80s NJPW booking but there definitely seems to be a large gap in stardom here.

But what Takano & SSM lack in star power they make up for in piss & vinegar. The beginning of the match is to establish pecking order. Choshu & Saito beat Takano like a government mule, slams, strikes and sleepers. Takano drives Choshu into SSM to get the tag. SSM can hold his own with the heel superteam taking both Choshu & Saito on the mat and coming out ok. Saito frustrated starts to smack him. SSM powers up and holds him for a top rope spinning heel kick from Takano. We come to find out Takano only has one offensive move hurling his body at his opponent in the form of spinning heel kick. Takano is fired the fuck up. He is ready to prove himself. Saito Suplex quells the rally. They expose the turnbuckle and bust Takano wide open gushing blood. CHOSHU LARIAT!  Saito stiffs the fuck out of him. Takano is a bloody mess. Choshu Scorpion Deathlock...SSM LARIAT! Akira bar the door It is breaking down in Yokohama! 


TAKANO DIVES FOR THE TAG! SSM is a house on fire lariats and dropkicks! Choshu takes a flat back to avoid the lariat and hits how own BIG Lariat. Windup Lariat...1-2...Bloody Takano dives for save. Saito Suplex on SSM for two. The heels are pouring it on. SSM makes Tag...SPINNING HEEL KICK! Go George Go! Another one! DROPKICKS! PLANCHA! Nobody is home! Lol! That was a great jobber moment. Saito beats the shit out of him. SSM comes flying in your screen onto Saito. The count is on. SSM dives from the top rope onto Saito CHAOS! Takano back in he beats the count! The jobbers win WAIT THEY WON THE TITLES!!! 

This one of the great badass heels vs lead face/plucky underdog matches. Takano takes a lickin but keeps on tickin. Bloody he is still fired up at the end of the match! A wild finish! Great upset victory! ****1/2

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  • GSR changed the title to [1989-03-16-NJPW] Riki Choshu & Masa Saito vs Super Strong Machine & George Takano
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SSM and Takano are the underdogs. Choshu and Saito are clearly the dominant team. They play the viliains and use dirty tactics all along. Takano really gets his ass kicked and finishes by wearing crimson mask. Finally, he's able to make the hot tag. The underdogs win by count out but it feels like a big win anyway. And the win the titles ! It's an upset. I've appreciated Choshu and Saito losing with dignity and congragulating their opponents. Choshu even puts the belt around one of them's waist ! I agree it was an outstanding bout between the strong heel team and the underdog babyface one. You gave a huge rating to the match, I'm really glad I'm not the only one to have appreciated it.

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