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[2000-11-24-CMLL] Perro Aguayo & Villano III & Rayo de Jalisco Jr vs Mascara Ano 2000 & Cien Caras & Universo 2000

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This started off with a special ceremony to make Rayo de Jalisco Jr.'s 25th anniversary in wrestling. His family came to the ring and he was presented with a plaque. Perro and Villano said some kind words and Rayo wiped a tear from his eye. Then a mariachi band came to the ring to perform a song for him. He held up a bouquet of flowers when suddenly a mariachi attacked him from behind with a guitar. Gawd Almighty King, that's Mascara Anos Dos Mil! Mascara Anos Dos Mil attacked Rayo with a damned guitar! This was some class A WWF. The Capos didn't give a shit about the match and were disqualified in straight falls. Perro bled as usual and everyone had the shit stomped out of them, Afterward, Universo got on the mic and taunted Aguayo. Damn you to hell,  Universo Dos Mil!

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A big ceremony for Jalisco before the match. Maybe someone can clue me in on what was going on here. Jalisco is presented with a plaque and has his family in the ring. A mariachi band also comes to serenade him. How nice. Oh shit, the members are actually the rudos and the paste the tecnicos with guitars and then triumphantly stand over them. This is all a straight angle but awesome as the rudos beat up the faces so bad that the referee gives the match and fall to the tecnicos. Then Villano IV and V come out in some banging yellow pajama jumpsuits to defend their boys. Perro and Villano are so hot with an official that they rip his shirt off and beat him down. We end things with a big rudo promo vowing revenge. Good setup to the big stuff coming down the pipe in the next couple of weeks as CMLL is ramping up again. NR

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-11-24-CMLL] Perro Aguayo & Villano III & Rayo de Jalisco Jr vs Mascara Ano 2000 & Cien Caras & Universo 2000

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