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[2001-03-10-JCW-Meltdown] Low Ki & Little Guido vs Reckless Youth & Don Montoya

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The JCW has mostly underwhelmed me so far, but I'm pretty curious about this combination.

Montoya and Youth jump Guido, and Montoya waits in the aisle for Low Ki... who enters from the side and takes him out. Ki does most of the work early, before getting caught by the heels and becoming the face in peril. Montoya and Youth work nicely together as a team. Ki gets the upper hand back at points but doesn't look for a tag. I smell a turn. Ki finally makes the tag... and Guido gives him the Tomikaze, allowing Montoya and Youth to get the pin. The heat segment (which is almost the entire match) is good, but there's not much here to make a strong recommendation. 

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A strange start to this, to the point I thought the ring announcer had had an absolute howler and spoilt that Low Ki’s mystery partner was going to be Little Guido.  Basically he introduces Don Montoya along with his partner “the Sicilian Shooter, Little Guido Maritato”, only no Guido with Montoya, rather Reckless Youth.  Montoya goes on to say how he’s not impressed with who his partner is, the shape they’re in etc. and at this point out comes Guido.   Guido takes umbrage with how he’s being spoken to, tells them to go to hell and as he’s about to leave they jump him.  Ki’s music begins, the Don ducks out to the floor to wait for him, only for Ki to surprise him from the opposite direction.  As the action settles down Guido stays in the corner, so it looks like he’s named himself as the mystery partner.  In kayfabe terms though that means what happened to the “original” mystery partner as surely Ki was going to take on two men by himself? 

Ki looks great early.  The heel team do a few comedy spot such as Reckless coming in to break up a pin attempt, Ki seeing him coming, moving out the way and Reckless elbow dropping Montoya.  Drop toe hold/powerdrive elbow combination.  Ki avoids the splash in the corner but gets nailed by a Reckless clothesline from the apron as the opposition take over.  A pair of rolling sentons.  Gutbuster by Reckless.  They get the heat on Ki as I realise Guido hasn’t even took his T-shirt off yet.  The ref misses the tag and as he tries to get Guido back out Reckless and Don switch places, much to the annoyance of one fan who’s right up at the ring letting him know what just happened.  Ki counters the Samoan drop with a sunset flip.  Don is about to drop all his weight down on him when Ki moves out the way.  He locks in a Butterfly stretch but Reckless is in to break that up with a shotgun dropkick.  A unique take on the Texas Cloverleaf by him, it’s almost half-Texas Cloverleaf/half-Sharpshooter.  Montoya runs into a big boot as Ki starts to fire back with some forearms.  Tidal Crush, however he still can’t make the tag.  Reckless with a reverse DDT.  Dragon screw leg whip, he then extends that leg out so that Montoya can drop a headbutt to it.  Ki ducks the double clothesline and comes back with a double Koppu kick.  Hot tag to Guido who rather than going hell for leather on the opposition like he makes out he’s going to, ends up fist bumping them instead.  Kiss of Death on Ki and Reckless and Montoya make the cover together.   Reckless “pays off” Guido post-match, the latter shocked that Low Ki was stupid enough to fall for what they pulled.  Ki is being helped to the dressing room when he rushes back to the ring, the other three hightailing it out of there.  Guido challenges him to a “one on one match anytime he wants,” Ki replying that he’s got a deal for next month, he though then back tracks, undecided as to whether he’ll take it but he’ll let him know.

Another non-showing from an ex-ECW guy, this on the back of Tommy Dreamer’s “efforts” in CZW from the War at Station 44 show which was held on the same day.  No-one looked bad here, although admittedly Guido did little, however due to the finish not something I would suggest someone taking time out to watch.

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