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[2000-11-19-Monterrey] El Hijo del Santo & Villano III & L.A. Park & Super Porky vs Dr Wagner Jr & El Dandy & Blue Panther & Shocker


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This was more like it. I can see someone like OJ not being too into this because it does meander and when you are talking about 8 guys that could honestly be argued as top 100 workers of all time easily, it may be slightly disappointing in that it isn’t a MOTYC. Still, we get some pretty awesome comedy by Parka and Porky teaming up. Villano and Blue Panther have a wonderful sequence and Santo highlights some of the feuds over the years with Dandy, Wagner and Panther. The third fall ups the violence more with Wagner and Parka brawling throughout the arena and they were the focal point of the match overall. Very enjoyable match with 8 legends. ***1/2 (7.1)

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I liked this. It wasn't the best that these guys can do but for house show lucha it was high quality. They mixed things up a lot. We got match-ups we haven't seen in a while, match-ups that have been great all year long, classic match-ups, and intriguing new match-ups. Dandy continued his resurgence as a world-class worker. He's had one of the strongest finishes to the year of any worker in the world. The over-arching story was the set up for Parka vs. Wagner but it was the individual match-ups that excited. You could literally pick any match-up in this trios match and be entertained. For those of you who watch lucha on that level -- i.e. individual match-ups ahead of overall match quality -- this was a match to savour. I've long given up on the notion of a trios match looking like a MOTYC or being able to predict which match will be good. You can't tell what you're getting till you sit down and watch it. This was breezy and fun and showed a lightness of touch that is as much of a skill as bloody brawling and dramatic three counts. Too bad that Wagner vs. Parka was blah but the buildup was fun. 

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-11-19-Monterrey] El Hijo del Santo & Villano III & L.A. Park & Super Porky vs Dr Wagner Jr & El Dandy & Blue Panther & Shocker

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