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[1988-11-25-WCCW] Jerry Lawler vs Kerry Von Erich (Cage)

Superstar Sleeze

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AWA World Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lawler vs WCWA World Heavyweight Champion Kerry Von Erich - World Class 11/25/88 Steel Cage

I think we are JIP here based on commentary and the feel. Kerry is beating the shit out of Lawler. Lawler scrambles on his knees for the knee but Kerry catches him. Lawler is such a good chump. We get the IRON CLAW~! Lawler gets him in the Von Erich Family Jewels. Here comes Hide The Chain. Busts Kerry open and chokes him. He hides it in his mouth. I love the way he slowly spits it out. Such a cocky shit. Kerry kicks him in the gut and the chain pops out. Kerry kicks some serious ass with the chain! Let's go Kerry! Lawler goes for eyes and it is a slugfest. Lawler goes flying into the cage and Kerry gets decisive 1-2-3 going into SuperClash.

Lawler vs Kerry is a very underrated feud. It happens in a time period where interest in Memphis, Texas and AWA is at an all time low, but they are a really good pairing. The decisive finish gives this one the slight edge over the other two but I think they are all at the same level. Love how economical everything is, everything is played to maximize face/heel dynamics. ****1/4 

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