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[1988-05-29-CWA-Mid-South Coliseum] Jerry Lawler vs Dutch Mantel

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AWA World Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lawler vs Dutch Mantel - Memphis 5/29/88

If you ever wondered if Lance Russell is the best hear him analyze Dutch Mantel's short arm clothesline. He is the GOAT.

Lawler had won the World Championship from Curt Hennig earlier in the month. This match pales in comparison in their 82 series. Dutch wants Lawler checked for foreign objects. Pretty routine Lawler match. Fun beginning with Mantel slapping Lawler and each time the ref hooks Lawler before he can haul off and smack him. Finally on third time Lawler sneaks in a left. Good pop from me! Dutch starts snapping off the Short Arm Clotheslines. Crowd brawling. Clip. Lawler is in control and he starts firing off those classic Lawler punches. The ref hooks him and Mantel tackles him. The Dirty Dutchman has a chain! The ref stops Dutch. Lawler gets the chain and KOs Mantel for the win.

Fun shine, basic short shine, standard Lawler comeback, foreign object based finish. Perfectly fine way to spend ten minutes. ***

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