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[1966-12-03-JWA] Giant Baba vs Fritz Von Erich

paul sosnowski

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NWA International Champion Giant Baba vs Fritz Von Erich - JWA 12/3/66 Two Out of Three Falls

I watched the first fall about a week ago late one night and I thought it was bitchin' I wanted to come back to it when I was more awake and after I had seen more Baba. The first fall is still bitchin' as all get out. 

First Fall: ***** first fall! Incredible! Fritz is rocking a turtleneck like it is 1966, daddy, oh shit, it is 1966! Fritz is trying to intimidate Baba during the ref going over the rules. When that does not work, he clobbers him! Then just repeatedly punts him really hard in the shoulder. It was fucking wicked. You can see where Kevin got his style from. Fritz was stiff as fuck. The bell had not even rung after all these cheapshots. Baba looked bad. After a watching a ton of Baba, I know he loves to sell and work underneath so this start does not surprise me in the least. Once the bell rings, Fritz slams his head into the turnbuckles repeatedly. He throws him to the floor and beats him up. He slaps on the Iron Claw while he is in the ring and Baba is outside. Fritz has Baba dead to rites but needs to finish him in the ring. Fritz has Baba prone on the mat and is about to slap on the Claw when BABA MOVES! Fritz slams his hand into the canvas. Baba stomps the hand! OH HELL YEAH! Baba unleashes HELL & FURY ON FRITZ! GIANT CHOPS TO THE HEAD! BIG BOOT! GIANT CHOP! I love how Fritz chooses to sell this. He doesnt take flat back bumps which look ridiculously especially after the Giant Chop. He does a great discombobulated falling forward sell. Baba pins him for the first fall. It is a little controversial because Fritz was squirming, which I liked. Fritz shoots him hand up and grabs the Iron Claw! He applies it for a minute, draws blood and it takes forever for the referee to pry him off. This looks like the ultimate Pyrrhic Victory for our hero, he is up a fall but looks the worse for wear due to the nefarious tactics for Fritz Von Erich!  

Second Fall: They are maintaining an insanely high level. Fritz's punts are insane. They are ferocious. Fritz goes for the Claw in the corner, but BABA BLOCKS! THE DRAMA! THE TENSION! I live for this! This is why pro wrestling is the best. They milk the work in the corner so well. Fritz slowly grinds Baba from a standing position to  being slumped in the corner, but still he cant apply the dreaded Claw. Fritz takes a swipe at a photographer or official. Baba throws a wicked chop and Fritz just crumples. I think this is the key to the whole match. Fritz sells every Baba blow like the most painful thing he has ever experienced. He has to fight through all this pain. On top of that, it means the Giant is never out of it, if he can land just one blow that could be the blow that puts Fritz out. Baba throws more chops at Fritz from his back. This is glorious. Fritz regains control on the outside. There is another great shot by Baba on the outside where Fritz doubles over and really takes the match to the next level. Fritz tries to apply the Claw in the ring, but slams his head into the canvas again. Baba starts clawing at the ear; this is wicked! The struggle is so real and violent. These two are scratching and clawing at each to win. Baba finally regains his composure. On the outside, Fritz is in full back pedal mode away from the pissed off Giant Monster. He throws the official in the ring to stall the Giant. I love how Fritz is cowering after all the bullshit he has pulled. Just when it looks like Fritz is going to get his, he unleashes one of those wicked punts and then slams Baba's head into the apron and then the announce table. Fritz uses the Claw to SLING BABA ACROSS THE RING! Iron Claw puts our hero away! Fritz attacks this official again throwing him out of the ring and he loses his shoe. So he whips his shoe down across his back and it makes a great sound. I am excited to see what they have in the 3rd fall because this has ruled so far! 

Third Fall: They complete the cycle and this is officially a phenomenal match! Fritz comes in for the kill after hitting a home run at the end of the second fall. True to form once Baba gets in that first shot, Fritz sells it like he has been shot. Fritz is left slumped in the corner. Baba gives him the universal signal for "Get up and fight like a man!". Baba is clawing the ear a chopping it. Fritz takes a huge bump over the top rope and crashes to the floor. They come back into the ring for the big finish run. This is just as nasty and scrappy as it had been the whole match. They are on the ground near the ropes trying to claw the other into submission. Fritz gets the CLAW~! on the ground! Baba ends up on the outside. He is sick and tired of this Claw business, he grabs a chair and crushes Fritz's Claw hand with two chair shots. He tries to bring the chair into the ring, but Fritz gets a hold of it and CROWNS HIM for the DQ! Great finish! An arm has to hold Fritz back and in the fracas, that official who had been bullied by Fritz, twisted Fritz's bad ear! Fucking ***** just for that!

Incredible heel performance from Fritz! If you could make a Top 100 Greatest Wrestler Ever list based off one match this is the performance. He crushed it on offense, those punts, the build to the Claw and just being a jerk. Then on the flip side, I dont think anyone has sold so well for Baba. He made Baba look like a total monster. The energy was off the charts. Great brawl! Baba was terrific as the come from behind hero and avenging monster. Best Baba Match I have ever seen! I thought the finish was very satisfying as it  paid off the Claw angle and the unhinged brawling nature of the match. It was match that went off the rails before the bell even rang and was pretty hanging onto the track throughout. Kickass. *****

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