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[1929-06-27-MIRC] "Training for championship bout"


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Moving Image Research Collection
Fox Movietone News Story 3-86
"Training for championship bout"
June 27, 1929


Wrestlers prepare themselves for the upcoming championship bout. Scenes include Gus Sonnenberg showing off muscles and tackling a punching bag, Gus practicing with another wrestler, Ed "Strangler" Lewis speaking on wrestling as an exercise and his career, and Lewis practicing with another wrestler.

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This is absolutely astonishing. The footage is very well-preserved. What a treat it is to be able to see these legendary figures in action. It's something I never expected to experience. 

Sonnenberg has some truly impressive lower-body musculature. The footage of him practicing on what seems to be a picnic blanket in front of a handful of very well-dressed onlookers is crazy stuff. The little kids laughing when he catches his sparring partner in a fireman's carry is maybe the purest mark-out moment of all time.

"Strangler" Lewis sounds very very very unnatural reading his (presumably) prepared remarks on camera. It's almost like a comedian making fun of a guy being awkward. 

It's truly incredible to see him in action in the ring. The very beginnings of pro wrestling as worked entertainment, it would seem.

To anyone with any interest at all in pro wrestling history, this footage is something to be treasured.

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