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[2018-08-19-WWE-SummerSlam] Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns


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This was a blast. Braun appearing and claiming that he would actually cash-in after this match was a nice touch, as the crowd knew something would be different this time.

They wasted no time, bringing kill shots right from the get-go. Roman's initial flurry and Lesnar's front facelock were amazing, and I almost believed Roman was gonna tap. Lesnar taking Strowman out of the equation was smart on his part and also addressed their previous rivalry, and it was also the opening Roman needed to get the win and finally slay the beast.

His celebration felt sincere and him taunting Heyman was incredible.

Great stuff. It just opens up so many possibilities now that we have a full time champ. Braun still has the contract, so there's still time. 2019 might be it.

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Better than their WrestleMania match thanks to some sort of narrative but that's hardly saying anything. More finisher spamming to start off, the front facelook stuff was unengaging. Braun's presence saved it though as, storytelling wise, Brock tried to be proactive and get rid of him while finishing off Roman but ended up losing it all. The chair rebounding onto Brock's face at the end pretty much summed it all up. **1/2

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