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[1997-08-22-Kingdom] Alexander Otsuka vs Katsumi Usuda


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Otsuka is such a phenom, the way he deadlifts Usuda with ease and snaps him over with a German. This opens with good, competitive grappling, which leads to Usuda throwing stiff kicks and Otsuka utilizing takedowns, holds and throws since he's not wearing the striking gloves. There's some good near submissions with Usuda sinking int he choke and Otsuka cranking the ankle. After a shoot enziguri, Usuda nearly chokes him out again and you have the audio of Otsuka hacking...and then in one fluid motion, he catches Usuda's kick, capture suplexes him, and quickly scoops him up with another deadlift German suplex. Otsuka tries tapping him with a couple of calf crusher variations but in a cool moment, Usuda's able to grab the arm and extend it for the submission. Dope match.

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