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[2003-08-22-CMLL] Shocker vs Tarzan Boy


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  • 4 years later...

Say what you will about post-90s lucha -- and trust me, I said plenty about it back in the day -- this was one competitive as mano a mano bout. It was worked with the intensity of a title match or an apuesta bout, and was as good as any TV match from any other company in 2003 as far as two alphas having a singles match. Tarzan Boy has come such a long way since 2000. His improvement has been dramatic. I've never watched this much week-to-week lucha over such a long period, and while we're always moaning about the lack of continuity in lucha booking, watching workers improve is definitely one of the perks. Shocker's comeback here was boss, and he continues to lord it over Arena Mexico.  Good times with an apuesta challenge at the end. 

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