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[1987-10-25-UWA] Villano III vs Rambo (Mask vs Mask)

Phil Schneider

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Another rare V3 mask match and a true treat. Rambo comes out firing brutalizing Villano with nasty punches and postings. He sweeps the first fall, and dominates the second until Villano is able to make a quick comeback and win with a top rop armdrag. In between falls they show a close up of V3 face and his mask is ripped and he is covered in blood, he looks like a gunshot victim. Third fall has some clipping which makes it a bit hard to follow at the beginning, but once that ends we get an epic lucha apuestas third fall with Rambo taking some big bumps, dramatic near falls and both guys masks getting soaked. Villano has really great headbutts and knees, you can see why he has such a rep as a brawler. I loved all of the submissions by Rambo, Villano is really great at soaking the last bit of drama out of a submission before he escapes. I didn't love the finish, which keeps it out of the absolute elite level of lucha mask matches, but it is pretty close. Great discovery.

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