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[2018-08-25-AAA-Triplemania] Pagano & Murder Clown & Joe Lider vs Rey Escorpion & Texano Jr & La Mascara


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It's neither the dirty, serious violence of your indie lucha handhelds nor the workrate bloodletting of the average BJW main event, both of which usually get praised more (and generally for good reason), but this kind of giddy, occasionally hilarious hardcore match can be special when done well, and I thought it was a ton of fun. It's a huge mess of course, that should go without saying, but the clowns and Lider put so much effort into making sure the level of destruction is super high at all times, whether by using their opponent's bodies or their own. Pagano is clearly the star, hitting a dive with sticks in his forehead, getting stretchered out after delivering a suplex onto a flaming table, and, in the moment that has made me laugh more than any other moment in wrestling this year, getting powerbombed from the top rope perfectly into a shopping cart. ****1/4

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  • paul sosnowski changed the title to [2018-08-25-AAA Triplemania] Pagano, Murder Clown, & Joe Lider vs Rey Escorpion, Texano Jr, & La Mascara

Pretty much as you say, it is not at the level as a match of the big bjw matches in terms of being a death match. But it was a none-stop collection of ever increasing violence and madness. It started with chairshots to the head and gets increases the violence from there. It was ridiculous and made little sense but it was a really fun and violent six man, it has a man being powerbombed into a shopping trolley if that does not make you want to watch it nothing will. Certainly worth the watch.

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Easily one of the most entertaining matches of the year and equally one of the worst and best matches you'll see this year. Comically violent to the point of virtual farce, it is a hardcore match that is just sheer charm. As others have echoed, Pagano is the star man as he performs ridiculous stunt after ridiculous stunt to entertain his audience before finally (and probably rightly so) being stretchered out at the end. This was certainly one of those matches where the outcome didn't matter as it was all about the sheer spectacle and if you like your matches to be a car crash crossed with slapstick then this is the only match you need to watch this year. Unashamedly trashy brilliance. 

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  • GSR changed the title to [2018-08-25-AAA-Triplemania] Pagano & Murder Clown & Joe Lider vs Rey Escorpion & Texano Jr & La Mascara

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