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[2018-09-01-ALL IN] Kenny Omega vs Penta El Zero M


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Easily match of the night that lived up to the dream match. This had a very quick pace from the onset with Penta taking Omega out of his comfort zone into brawling territory. The rest of the match Omega would get bursts of momentum here and there before Penta quickly destroyed him once again. It was a really great clash of personalities with some mind blowing moves and kick outs, ****1/2.

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Only match of the night that I saw. Thought Kenny looked excellent here. None of his usual goofing off. Paired up against the taunting of Penta, Omega looked like the serious, urgent Ace ready to put down any competition. Penta's Zero Miedo stuff is overdone, yes, but it brought out some good fire in Omega which I appreciated. Both guys had great looking offense and they built up quite nicely to some really good nearfalls. Thought Omega did a pretty decent job selling his arm after the break too. This made for a great US indie style match. 


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  • GSR changed the title to [2018-09-01-ALL IN] Kenny Omega vs Penta El Zero M

Action-packed and no padding, exactly what this match needed to be. Tons of urgency in this one as both guys (Penta in particular) were hitting each other with some nasty shots. And while both guys are occasionally prone to excess, they did a great job of escalating each spot. Penta also looked every bit the main event player Kenny is. Not just with his insane physical charisma (seeing this match live, his crowd control skills are fantastic), but how he was able to keep up with Kenny move for move.

Excellent match. ****1/4.

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