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[2012-09-30-DDT] Kota Ibushi vs El Generico


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The first five minutes is largely inconsequential, lame grappling but it picks up when Ibushi starts working Generico's arm. Generico's selling is very consistent in that he's always doing it but he still hits all his stuff just fine. Some of the offense in this match is pretty incredible though. I thought the teases of Generico's corner brainbuster were cool. It was a bit long but still fun and I thought much better than their first match.

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This was so well built. Ibushi can go extra crazy with the reckless abandonment spots but most of that was saved in favour of a focused assault on the arm of Generico. Although in classic Ibushi fashion, he almost necked himself on a deep armdrag.  Generico’s selling and comebacks were really great in turn. The teasing of the brainbusters were pretty biting and some of the eventual payoffs were awesome. Great match. ****

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