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[2013-01-27-WWE-Royal Rumble] CM Punk vs The Rock


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I love the hype video package for this match, and Rock's pure babyface promo before the match is also really great. The match itself is pretty far from great, but it's not bad. I liked the fact they went after their respective weak spots -- Rock had a worked up mid-section going into the thing, so Punk tried to wear him down by targeting it. Makes sense, and Punk's work over it was definitely very solid. Then as he makes one mistake & seems to tweak his previously injured knee, Rock sees that and starts returning the favor by delivering a stomping to that knee. Rock doesn't really fully commit going after it though, and as the match becomes more even, it becomes more about the big moves & counters. It's okay I guess, but definitely very, very, very forgettable stuff. I 100% liked the first half (or so) much more w/ the slower build & all. Gotta mention that it's also a shame that the announcing table crumbled under them when they were going for that big spot of the match in Rock delivering a Rock Bottom to Punk through it. Overall I think it's a solid match, but it's also very disappointing at the same time -- it's only memorable for the result + for the fact that it's Punk vs. Rock. It was very fun to go back & watch it though, as I hadn't seen it since 2013 prior to today; as far as me getting worked up about wrestling goes, this match & its result is up there w/ the best of 'em. Was a massive (still am) Punk fan back then, and while I knew that Rock was 110% sure winning the belt, they got me good with that finish after The Shield interfered. Then a couple of minutes later I'm triggered so bad as Rock pins Punk after that People's Elbow. Good times :') **3/4

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