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[1952-08-26-Southwest Sports-Dallas, TX] Rito Romero vs Danny Savich (2/3 Falls)

paul sosnowski

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Romero is real smooth here. While Savich is more of a brute. Savich using rough house   tactics and cheating. Romero showing fire. Savich takes a powder when he sees Romero all fired up. Savich has that face that would be cast as thug #3 in the movies. Love how Rito protects himself from the chop.  Love the lady coming up to the ring to give a piece of her mind.Savich vs the ladies in the crowd was great. The payoff to the Romero punch was great. Savich captures the 1st fall after countering a snap mare. 


Savitch is really good at camoflauging his cheating in front of the ref. Savich is after the neck. Romero peppering him with punches, and hits a nasty knee. Savitch is softening up the neck for the neck twister. Rito Romero Special was attempted to no avail. Rito rolls him up for 3.


It's the 3rd fall and Savich is reeling. Savich takes a huge bump off a running Romero dropkick.  Savich suckers him in and has a nice revenge spot on the big bump he took. Big stomp on Savich's back. Savich is back on the neck. Savitch gets DQ'd for choking Romero on the ropes. 


I enjoyed this. Savitch was a good heel, and focused on Romero's neck to set up his finisher. Romero showed good fire. Their was a lot more stand up here. The payoff to the women arguing with Savich is must see. 3 1/4*

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