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[1984-11-26-WWF-MSG, NY] Roddy Piper vs Tonga Kid

Superstar Sleeze

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"Rowdy" Roddy Piper vs Tonga Kid - WWF MSG 11/26/84

Tonga Kid (aka Tama) is the biggest missed prospect of the 80s. He had oodles of charisma. He debuted as a part of the red hot Piper vs Snuka storyline. Snuka was making his return to the Garden after an extended absence due to Piper. Snuka was over like rover. Piper of course had his bodygaurd, Ace Cowboy Bob Orton. So much fun. Piper made the Kid look like a million bucks. Simple, but exciting from bell to bell. Fun shine. I loved Piper getting the smallest advantage, taunting Snuka and turning around and just eating it from the Kid. Heat segment was great. Why the hell cant heels wrestle like this anymore? Eyerakes, gnawing, spitting and chops to the throat all the while taunting the Superfly. I dont want to see moves. I want to see emotion! Piper grabs the Sleeper. Tonga kid elbows out. Piper smashes his head into the top turnbuckle. Bad idea. The Kid hulks up in the coolest way possible busting out some very hip 80s dance moves. I loved it. Now Piper done did it. Kid charges but Piper uses his own momentum against and dumps him over the top rope onto the floor. Orton realizing the trouble Piper is in attacks the Kid. They try to take the Kid out with a chair, but Superfly saves with a punch to the head of Piper. The crowd is ROARING as all four men are in the ring. Orton gets dumped. That leaves Piper alone with these two. Piper gets the Hell out of Dodge as Snuka/Kid dive for him. Wow! Talk about setting up a red hot tag team match! Now this is damn good booking! ***







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