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i watch a lot of boxing, and consequently i follow boxing news, and sadly that means sometimes reading things that promoters and associated lowlifes say. and that shit is a lot like pro wrestling, which isn't a surprise at all but sometimes you really do get incredible stuff. like this amazing quote from Eddie Hearn about Joshua-Povetkin:


“Povetkin has got not just his team but the country and, dare I say, [Putin’s] government behind him,” said Hearn. “They are all involved. This is like a mission from them to beat Britain and for a Russian to become the world heavyweight champion.

“He and his team know how important this is for them and for Povetkin nationally. This is not just about him personally winning a title, this is a major, major thing if he could stick one on a Brit.

“I think it adds a bit of spice, to be honest with you,” he added. “You know that level of government is involved in Povetkin so there will be plenty of instruction, well wishes and calls of intent from them saying: ‘Come on, this is important for our country.’”

so uh, discuss boxing and carny shit in boxing.

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Wow the DAZN presentation of Canelo vs Jacobs was some Jim Hurd era WCW level shit I'll tell you. First off you got GGG going full heel turn. He's in the stands dressed like Micheal Jackson meets Dion Sanders on draft day and he's only conducting interviews through his interpreter. His interviews which he gives in Russian, despite being pretty fluent in English, are full heel worked shoots, just shitting on Canelo and Jacobs. Then you have Brian Kenny announcing and he's doing every thing he can to get Canelo over as not just the  top babyface but the top fighter in the world. Some of his claims were laughable, he acted like Canelo was running away on the scorecards the whole fight when really it easily could have been a draw.  

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The World Heavyweight scene is some wild booking right now. From Tyson Fury’s babyface turn leading to a heat-filled time limit draw to the complacent champion getting pinned by the local favourite, we’re running forward with 4 top challengers who have all been kept strong. The Fury/Joshua Team is something we thought we’d never see.

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