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[2018-09-01-Stardom-5*GP] Kagetsu vs Utami Hayashishita


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This is the biggest challenge of Utami's short career as she takes on World of Stardom champion Kagetsu. Once again, this match is inexplicably great given Utami's inexperience. Kagetsu is fantastic here, quite possibly the best performance of her career. She more of a straight forward bitchy veteran heel who tries to goad Utami into losing her cool. Utami stays under control and actually manages to fire back using a sleeper and working over Kagetsu's back. A truly amazing match worked in the traditional veteran/rookie dynamic. ****1/4

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  • GSR changed the title to [2018-09-01-Stardom-5*GP] Kagetsu vs Utami Hayashishita
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5STAR Grand Prix 2018 Block B: Kagetsu vs. Utami Hayashishita

A 10-year veteran vs. an undefeated super rookie, the story writes itself. Utami's kill moves have been so well established that the crowd was sold on her possibly making the Red Belt champion submit. I liked how Utami got desperate with that illegal chokehold as she felt victory slipping from her grasp.


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