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[2003-09-20-ROH-Glory By Honor II] Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels


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This felt like a sprint for most of it, and of course it's good stuff. I do think the match feels a bit disappointing considering who are the two wrestlers in it though, and the fact that the backstory was there for something bigger & better, but it's still a good match so. Like I said, it does feel like a sprint with the pace they go at right from the get go, and both Joe & Daniels sure look good there w/ their great signature offense, but I do also think that some of it doesn't register so well though, as it feels like they are indeed just hitting moves, but HEY, at least those moves look great. And the match gets better as it goes on too w/ the urgency levels rising, especially in the last 5-or so minutes when the action is red hot. That Angel's Wings nearfall was simply tremendous. ***1/4

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