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[2015-05-17-DDT] Akito vs Shigehiro Irie


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Akito had a pretty interesting WORKRATE run as DDT extreme champion between 2014 and 2015. He had a good iron match with Sasaki, a match where the rules changed every 90 seconds against Shiori Asahi, and this, a last man standing match against Irie. There's also a catch rules match against MIKAMI which I wasn't able to find online, but I'm curious about. 

Akito's actually a really interesting technical wrestler. He doesn't do many shoot submission holds but he has a bunch of interesting, flashy holds most of his matches are very heavy on limbwork. Anyway, the rules for this are that they get a 10-count after a pin or submission and if they can't get up, they lose. Akito spends this whole match working Irie's leg. Irie's selling is really good, it could've been goofy with how dramatic he gets, but it works very well throughout. It might be the most high effort selling I've seen. Late in the match, he's running the ropes and his leg gives out under him so he just goes flying out the ring. Akito gets pinned three times off of lariats but in the end, the legwork pays off and he wins when Irie can't get up after being submitted with a heel hook.

Oh, and Irie breaks a tensor early on when running the ropes, which I thought added to the match in a way. He's a large human!

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I think the pacing could've been better in certain areas. The match dragged a little and it made the match feel a little bloated. But the work was really, really great. Akito did some great, creative work on Irie's knee, who sold it excellently. I loved his selling which got progressively more severe as the match went on. I thought they used the count out system really effectively to create drama, down the stretch. A little trimming in the middle of the match would? ve allowed the match to feel easier to watch. ****

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