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[2008-01-27-Chikara-Two Eyebrows Are Better Than One] Shane Storm vs Eddie Kingston

Phil Schneider

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Eddie Kingston as Tenryu style matches are some of my favorites, and this is maybe the pinnacle. Kingston does this crazy springboard punch and just smushes Storms nose, and the blood flowing over his goofy mask mustache is actually an awesome visual. I think Storm's awkwardness actually works in the story of the match, he is kind of a sloppy goof who has found himself in a fight to the death, and steps up to the challenge. Kingston is mauling him, busting up his nose, making him leak all over the ring, and Storm keeps moving forward. The slaps into the DDT looked awesome, and King, being the greatest seller in modern wrestling, sold it like he had nerve damage. Storm also hit some great fired up headbutts and a german suplex which dumped Kingston right on the crown of his head. Storm has remarkable bad looking Shining Wizards for a guy who has Shining Wizard themed merch, but again I thought the awkwardness of it kind of worked for a guy who was swallowing a bunch of his own blood. Finish was great, Storm standing up after the suplexes was fine, people who get legit KO'd often wobble to their feet, and it wasn't like Storm was hitting offense or anything, that final backfist was Aja Kong murdering Chapparita Asari on RAW level violent, and jamming this bit of gore in the middle of a Chikara card which I am sure had Ants and Hypnosis and other dumb shit really clarified it.

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