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[1952-06-17-Southwest Sports-Dallas TX] Lou Thesz vs Bill Longson

paul sosnowski

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  • GSR changed the title to [1952-06-17-Southwest Sports-Dallas TX] Lou Thesz vs Bill Longson

Thesz is a legend and Longson is a known as a great worker. Loving Longson using rough house tactics. A total chess match. Thesz catches the the 1st fall  with the Thesz press. Longson is great at using cheating tactics.From hair pulls to these rabbit punches to the leg. Longson has been a total joy to watch him mix up his cheating with the mat work. Fun match. 3 1/4*                            

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Chess match. Fans into it. 1950s babyface vs heel structure.

I see a lot of Lou in Babyface Champ Bret Hart in terms of authenticity, attempting to engage in fair play, putting in the grind work but keeping it active, and allowing their opponents to look great.

1st fall: Immediately established that Lou is trying to engage in a scientific bought, but Wild Bill is a cheater. Lots of mat and ropes work, but usually kept moving or at least enraged the crowd when Bill cheated. Glad this wasn't a long match, though, a la Inoki matches. Lou punches back after a while. There was a lot of psychology with closed fists back then. Thesz Press for the win, although the commentator didn't say the name.

2nd fall: Finish: consecutive piledrivers beat Lou cleanly.

3rd fall: Lou backdrops the piledriver, rushes Bill with drop kicks, and gets the pinning combination.

Two of the most famous wrestlers of all time and it did not disappoint. Both were over 20 years in the biz at that time. Does not approach epic looking back from 2022, but possibly was considered a barnburner in the 1950s especially with the piledriver spots and them going all out in the 3rd fall.

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