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[1995-12-17-WWF-In Your House V] Marty Jannetty & Razor Ramon vs Sid & 1-2-3 Kid


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Kid is scared to mix it up with Ramon and as predicted, he's good at portraying a weaselly heel. Razor gets to have some fun with him, before Sid gets the tag and bogs this match down with his horrendous strikes. The match is at it's best when Kid and Jannetty are working together due to the fast pace of their wrestling. Mid-match we cut to the crowd to see Goldust. He gets interviewed and cuts a creepy promo quoting movies and talking about how beautiful of a man Razor Ramon is, planting the seeds for a future match. Razor teases getting Sid up for the Razor's Edge, but he eventually gets the pin with a bulldog, which is a bit of a letdown.

This serves as an acceptable opening bout, but all the shenagins with Goldust made this match feel like it more of a TV match building up for something bigger than a conclusive PPV match.


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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-12-17-WWF-In Your House V] Marty Jannetty & Razor Ramon vs Sid & 1-2-3 Kid
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Razor Ramon & Marty Jannetty vs Sid & The Kid - WWF In Your House V

Sid & The Kid has a good ring to it. I think if both stuck around long enough there could have been something there even moreso than just a cool name. Sid got mostly booed, but that smart Northeast crowd couldnt help but cheer for the big lug. I cant understand either. I just love me some Sid too. My brain knows he sucks, but my heart says he is my hero. Vince & Lawler seemed to be putting over Sid &  The Kid as big time new tag team, but they got jobbed here. I dont know if they already knew Sid was leaving or not? Who knows with Sid? I know Kid hangs around long enough that wouldnt be him. 

This is a really funny dynamic. As you get Marty and Kid there working this really flashy workrate style and then Hall & Sid work traditional heavyweight wrestling. The main feud is Kid vs Razor, but the Kid obviously doesnt want to face Razor. I looked it up. Apparently the Kid threw a temper tantrum after Razor/Kid lost to the Smoking Gunns and then fucked Razor over in a match with Sid and joined the Million Dollar Corporation. Once Marty has gotten the best of Kid, he tags in Razor. Just when you think the Kid is going to get it, he does a blind tag to Sid and Sid mows Razor down. Sid just has this weird goofy charm. Short heat on Razor before Kid & Marty go at it. They slow it down with Marty on top so that Goldust could do a mid-match insert promo. Goldust is probably my pick for the greatest Vince gimmick. Just genius. Riveting promo about how damn sexy Razor is. During the promo, Sid yank Marry and this led to Kid spin wheel kick on Marty for the heat segment. We get back to it and finally the hot tag. Razor mows everyone down. Surprising the match ends rather anticlimatically with Razor doing his Steiner Bulldog for the win on Sid?!? They must have known Sid was leaving. This was definitely the least of the Razor matches I have seen thus far. 

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