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[2001-05-26-ICW] Low Ki vs Abunai vs Chris Devine vs Xavier (Gauntlet Match)


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The evil promoter is trying to put road blocks up before Low Ki can get to Xavier. The section with Abunai has some solid sequences before Ki puts him away with the Ki Krusher. The section with Devine is very quick. This does a very good job of selling Ki as a monster, as does the opening part of the next match where he really dominates Xavier. Xavier has a great counter to the Tidal Crush. The idiot announcer compares Ki and Xavier to Steamboat and Flair which is, uh, a bit excessive. But they do have terrific chemistry and this is a fast paced match that's a lot of fun. Messy finish with a bunch of interference, although the pin ends up being clean-ish, and it sets up the ladder match the next month.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2001-05-26-ICW] Low Ki vs Abunai vs Chris Devine vs Xavier (Gauntlet Match)
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Low Ki and Xavier continue to have great chemistry with each other and is so far, Ki's best consistent work of 2001. The rest still shows how the booking of Ki has been pretty awful since the Super 8 breakout. He is in a big angle here in ICW instead of messing around with the likes of Elax like he is in JAPW. However, the heel owner bit is so played on the indies and ICW should be thankful that USA PRO is around so they aren't viewed as the most desperate Attitude era nostalgia act indie. Tammy Sytch and MIssy Hyatt had an awful segment on this show and it was main evented by another mundane ECW alum main event involing Balls and Dreamer. Ki and Xavier both deserve better than this and I hope the ladder match is a wake up call and change in direction allowing the young indie talent to get their due. 

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