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[1982-08-30-WWF-MSG, NY] Tiger Mask vs Dynamite Kid


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This has a strong opening with Tiger Mask throwing out a spin kick and generally out classes Kid with his speed and the crowd eat it right up. The match is brought to a slower pace when Dynamite takes control with his stoogey offense, which looked stiff and very convincing. This control segment does outwear it's welcome a tad, but it's not too long before Tiger is back in the driver's seat wowing the crowd with his innovative moves.

Being a lot shorter than their NJPW encounters, this isn't on the same league as those matches, but it's a fun 7 minute bout that was ahead of it's time and it put both guys on the MSG crowd's radar. If Tiger Mask came through WWF just a few years later, I can see him being a much bigger deal on western audiences than he was.


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WWF Junior Heavyweight Champion Tiger Mask vs Dynamite Kid - WWF MSG 8/30/82

Tiger Mask vs Dynamite Kid take their NJPW rivalry on the road. It is a very short match under ten minutes and I recommend seeking out their New Japan matches. Tiger Mask looks like a breakout star here. So quick and agile. Plenty of good high spots. His 619 psych-out pops the MSG faithful. I liked his legsweep a lot. Surprisingly I thought Dynamite bumped and stooged for him well. Typically Dynamite is this ultra-serious badass so for him to show himself vulnerable and overwhelmed by Tiger Mask was cool. Dynamite's offense could have used better transitions but it was tight. He misses a diving headbutt. Tiger Mask hits a top rope sidesault (Im hard pressed to call that moonsault). This is semi-famous as workrate match in New York before workrate matches were thing. It is a bit overhyped, but it is fun bit of novelty. ***

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