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Jim Crockett Promotions November 1986 Thread


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Jim Crockett Promotions presents Worldwide Wrestling

Taped at WTBS Studios, Atlanta, GA

Broadcasted weekend of November 1st, 1986

Quick and dirty results

-To kickoff this week's show, "Maniac" Mark Lewin is at the broadcast booth. Tony Schiavone & Bob Caudle brings up the recent string of bad luck Lewin has had recently. Lewin says that this is a thing of past because he has found the light that will guide him. Or rather, the dark that will guide him. Very soon, apocalypse will be here and will consume Jim Crockett Promotions and everyone of their heroes. Lewin leaves while Schiavone & Caudle seem to be confused. However, Lewin remains at ringside for the first match.

-Tom Prichard (w/Johnny V) beat Buzz Sawyer. After the match, Sawyer is about to blow a gasket but Lewin looks at him and displays a sick smile, a smile that Sawyer returns to him. What does it mean?

-Tracey Smothers beat The Great Gama Singh

-Before the main event, Bad News Brown interrupts Bob Caudle & Tony Schiavone and says he wants a piece of the US Tag Team Champions right now. He doesn't care if he has to go it alone, he's getting them in the ring right now. Jim Crockett shows up on the set and tells Bad News he won't let him face the Awesome Twosome by himself and he'll need a partner. Bad News tells Crockett he can send him whoever he wants; he just doesn't care. He's beating the crap out of Rude & Fernandez, no matter what. Crockett returns to the back and outcomes Moondog Cujo. However, as soon as Cujo gets in the ring, Bad News Brown hits the Ghetto Blaster on him! Bad News throws Cujo outside and the Awesome Twosome shows up.

-Bad News Brown beat The Awesome Twosome by reverse decision. Originally, Rick Rude had pinned Bad News Brown, following a belt shot from Manny Fernandez but referee Tommy Young came out and reversed the decision, allowing the match to Brown. While Rude and Fernandez protested, Brown gave Fernandez the Ghetto Blaster! Bad News stepped out of the ring and told Rude to send the message to Ted Dibiase that he wants his title!

November 1st, 1986

Glenbrook North High School, Northbrook, IL

Before the show, the ring announcer informs the fans in attendance that the card has been re-shuffled because of the absences of World TV Champion Tony St. Clair, Rip Oliver, Mark Lewin, Dory Funk Jr, The Missing Link & Buzz Sawyer

-Tom Prichard (w/Johnny V) beat Sweet Brown Sugar in 10:28

-The Moondogs beat PYT Express in 16:23

-The Iron Sheik beat Bad News Brown in 13:27 after interference from the Awesome Twosome

-Ivan Koloff beat DJ Peterson in 4:01

-Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Paul Orndorff & Bruiser Brody beat J-TEX Corp (The Flame & Wendell Cooley) in 10:36. After the match, as Orndorff and Brody celebrates, Tony St. Clair & Rip Oliver attack Orndorff & Brody!!! But the ring announcer said that they weren't scheduled to be here tonight! Orndorff and Brody fight off St. Clair & Oliver but then, we see Mark Lewin & Dory Funk Jr! It's now a 4-on-2 on Orndorff & Brody but the Mid-Atlantic Champ and Brody keep fighting and are able to fend them off. Looks like help is on the way when The Missing Link charges the ring to help Brody & Orndorff but Dory Funk Jr intercepts Link and nails him with his branding iron!  Mad Dog Buzz Sawyer isn't too far behind and joins the melee and it's now 5-on-3! St. Clair & Oliver help up The Flame & Wendell Cooley while Gary Hart is jubilating in the ring. Hart takes the house mic and announces that his war against Kerry Von Erich and the other heroes in Jim Crockett Promotions has transcended Japan or Texas. It has now taken over the world; from this moment forward , J-TEX Corp will now be known as Apocalypse. Orndorff is being stretchered out while Brody & Link are angrily throwing everything they can find at ringside to chase off Apocalypse!

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Jim Crockett Promotions presents World Championship Wrestling

Taped at WTBS Studios, Atlanta, GA

Broadcasted weekend of November 1st, 1986

Quick and dirty results

-Bruiser Brody defeated US Tag Team Champion Rick Rude

-Chris Youngblood defeated Brickhouse Brown by reverse decision. Brown originally won the match after using a roll of coins behind referee Earl Hebner's back but Sweet Brown Sugar came to ringside after the match to show the roll of coins to the referee, who immediately reversed the decision and awarded the match to Youngblood. Sugar & Brown got into a fistfight but Sugar was able to fend off Brickhouse.

-The show ended with an interview from National Heavyweight Champion Arthur W. Crews & Johnny V, both bragging about being the best champion in the territory. That brought out one half of the US Tag Champions Manny Fernandez, who said that this honor belongs to both the Awesome Twosome and Ted Dibiase. Fernandez was quickly met by Koko Ware, who said that Fernandez & Rude shouldn't consider themselves the best champions, considering they never defend the title in the first place. Manny says that Koko can talk all he wants, he and Norvell Austin don't have what it takes to be US Tag Team Champions and even in a singles match with the title on the line, he would still beat him. Koko then challenges Fernandez to a match next week on this show and if Jim Crockett wants to sanction this match, let's make this for the US Tag Team Titles. Fernandez says he's gonna shut Koko's potty mouth once and for all and there won't such a thing like a "Pretty Young Thing" once he'll be done with Koko....

November 2nd, 1986

Convention Hall, Minneapolis, MN

-Bad News Brown & his mystery partner Koko Ware beat Tom Prichard (subbing for Rick Rude) & US Tag Team Champion Manny Fernandez in 20:47 when Bad News pinned Prichard with the Ghetto Blaster

-Steve Armstrong beat Omar Atlas in 13:29

-In a surprise debut, "Dr. D." David Schultz beat Rocky Johnson in 10:45

Steel Cage Match, Champion vs Champion: US Heavyweight Champion Ted Dibiase beat World TV Champion Tony St. Clair (w/Gary Hart) in 36:52


-In another surprise debut, Baron Von Raschke beat "Crippler" Rip Oliver (w/Gary Hart) in 9:14 with the Claw

-Greg Gagne beat Wendell Cooley (w/Gary Hart) in 8:42

Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship: Paul Orndorff beat Kerry Von Erich in 32:19 with a piledriver to retain in a fantastic match. Both men got a standing ovation from the Minnesota faithful afterwards.

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Buzz Sawyer is in an interesting spot here... He has an upside and this story could show that.

The coup against Brody and Orndorff is definitely noteworthy.

I like a lot of the things you have going on here especially the placement of Orndorff. I really do think he's almost getting lost in the shuffle with all the talent that you have going but then you see him beat Carrie in the main event and you know that he's still a prime-time player.

then you got a guy like Ted DiBiase who is right on the brink of being the top guy and all of JCP.

It is not a bad thing but just hard to keep track of the top talent you have and where they could go over the next couple months with battle bowl and starrcade coming up.

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That's partly why I went ahead with the Apocalypse stable. It's gonna help me in that regard to position guys like Orndorff for Starrcade. Keep in mind that Battlebowl will pretty much be used to set up Starrcade a month later. I should release the team compositions around next week.

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November 7th, 1986

Myriad Convention Center, Oklahoma City, OK

Before the show starts, the main event is scheduled to be Ted Dibiase & Manny Fernandez vs the PYT Express but the ring announcer announces that Koko Ware was mysteriously attacked in the parking lot of the Myriad Convention Center and won't be able to compete. However, Norvell Austin will pick a partner to replace him tonight in the main event.

NWA World TV Championship: Tony St. Clair (w/Gary Hart) beat Ken Timbs (w/Johnny V) in 14:26 to retain

-Buzz Sawyer (w/Gary Hart) beat Killer Khan in 13:36

Special Attraction: Super Vader (w/James J. Dillon) beat Johnny Rich in 10:43

-Tom Prichard (w/James J. Dillon) beat Mr. Wrestling II in 12:30

-Randy Rose beat Moondog Moretti in 7:56

-"Crippler" Rip Oliver (w/Gary Hart) beat the returning "Boogie Woogie Man" Jimmy Valiant in 6:58

-Moondog Cujo beat Greg Gagne in 13:08

-Ted Dibiase & Manny Fernandez come out for the tag team match, expecting Norvell Austin to actually wrestle in a handicap match against them. Dibiase claims that it surely won't be Bad News Brown because he made sure that Brown will never be a nuisance to him again. Norvell Austin comes out and tells Dibiase & Fernandez that indeed, it won't be Bad News Brown teaming with him but someone with whom Dibiase is very familiar with: STAGGER LEE!!!

-Stagger Lee & Norvell Austin beat US Tag Team Champion Ted Dibiase & US Tag Team Champion Manny Fernandez in 17:35 after Stagger Lee rolled up Dibiase!

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NWA World Heavyweight Title: Big John Studd

US Heavyweight Title: Ted Dibiase

Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion: Paul Orndorff

World TV Champion: Tony St. Clair

National Heavyweight Champion: Arthur W. Crews

US Tag Team Champions: Rick Rude & Manny Fernandez

NWA World Tag Team Championship: Vacant

National Tag Team Championship: Vacant

There you go :)

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Jim Crockett Promotions presents Worldwide Wrestling

Taped at WTBS Studios, Atlanta, GA

Broadcasted weekend of November 8th, 1986

Quick and dirty results

-First, there's an interview with the PYT Express at the broadcast booth. Tony Schiavone & Bob Caudle are hyping the singles match between the Awesome Twosome and the PYT Express. It's officially confirmed that the US Tag Team Titles will be at stake in this one and Schiavone informs the PYT Express and the viewers that Manny Fernandez will represent the Awesome Twosome. But before they address this, they wanna talk about last night's events in Oklahoma City with the appearance of Stagger Lee to replace Koko Ware in the main event. Koko has been accused by the Awesome Twosome and Dibiase to be Stagger Lee but Koko denies it was him as he wanted to be ready to take the US tag team titles away from Fernandez this week on World Championship Wrestling. But Koko still thanks Stagger Lee for his help so he's now cleared to wrestle and he promises that the PYT Express will win the titles this weekend.

-George Wells (w/Johnny V) beat Rocky Johnson. Tony Schiavone announces after the match that Rocky will have to co-exist with the Fabulous Blondes since they're gonna be teaming in a Battlebowl Rules 6-Men Tag match against Apocalypse's Rip Oliver & the Renegade Warriors tonight in Little Rock, AR!

-Kevin Von Erich comes to the broadcast booth to discuss the recent events leading to the formation of Apocalypse. Kevin admits that like everyone else, he didn't see that coming but he should've known because the Von Erichs have known for years that Gary Hart is the most evil manager the world has ever seen and he will stop at nothing in his obsession to rid pro wrestling of the Von Erichs. But Kevin Von Erich says that Apocalypse might have made the biggest mistake of their lives by alienating themselves from the likes of Paul Orndorff, Bruiser Brody & The Missing Link. All dangerous men in their own rights. If they need the Von Erichs' help, they'll be there. Kevin is interrupted by The Great Gama Singh who's here to complain again about the Von Erichs hogging the spotlight. Gama says he couldn't agree more with Gary Hart about the Von Erichs being a cancer to professional wrestling. And he'd be gladly happy to help him get rid of the Von Erichs, starting with Kevin and later, the undeserving Kerry. It doesn't take too long for Kerry Von Erich to show up and confront Gama Singh. Kerry says  that if he wants to tell something to his face, he better do it now or he'll whoop his ass in the ring. Kerry says he worked his butt off every day of his life to get where he is today and he hasn't been given anything. Kerry has heard enough of Gama and wants a match with him right now. Gama accepts but slaps Kevin in the process! An incensed Kerry chases Gama around the ring and we got a match.

-Kerry Von Erich beat The Great Gama Singh after interference from Kevin Von Erich, who prevented Gama to use a chair on Kerry behind the referee's back. Kevin applied the Claw long enough for Kerry to hit Gama with the Discus Punch for the win

November 8th, 1986

Barton Coliseum, Little Rock, AR

-The Flame (w/Gary Hart) beat Tom Prichard (w/James J Dillon)

-Baron Von Raschke beat Mr. Wrestling II after Von Raschke counters Mr. Wrestling's loaded mask headbutt with the Claw! After the match, an irate Mr. Wrestling II wants a rematch with Von Raschke. Not only does he want to make sure that both men take part into Battlebowl but he also wants a piece of Von Raschke on Christmas night at Starrcade!!!

BattleBowl Rules: The Fabulous Blondes (w/Johnny V) & Rocky Johnson beat "Crippler" Rip Oliver (w/Gary Hart) & The Renegade Warriors after George Wells pinned Mark Youngblood

-"Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer (w/Gary Hart) beat Sweet Brown Sugar

-Don "The Pride of" Kernodle beat Dory Funk Jr (w/Gary Hart)

-"Maniac" Mark Lewin vs Bull Gantner ends in a no-contest after interference from the Moondogs and Apocalypse members The Flame, Rip Oliver, Buzz Sawyer & Dory Funk Jr. Gantner is in deep trouble, until The Missing Link showed up with A SPIKE and tried to mutilate everyone from Apocalypse in sight. He was able to bust the Moondogs open and got to Lewin but was restrained by several police officers and eventually wardens from the Arkansas State Hospital showed up to put the Link in a straitjacket and usher him from the Barton Coliseum!

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I am interested in the long term run of the Von Erich... Kerry definitely lost some momentum with all the changes that went abound but it doesn't be he can't rebound.... but against the likes of Orndorff and Dibiase... along with Studd he has got tough competition. 


I am pumped for battle bowl... one of my all time favorite gimmicks... gonna be exciting stuff. 

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Jim Crockett Promotions presents World Championship Wrestling

Taped at WTBS Studios, Atlanta, GA

Broadcasted weekend of November 8th, 1986

Quick and dirty results

2 matches from house show loops were presented, in addition to the main event:

-Paul Orndorff & Bruiser Brody vs J-TEX Corp (formation of Apocalypse, November 1st)

-David Schultz vs Rocky Johnson (Debut of Dr. D, November 2nd)

2 out of 3 Falls, NWA US Tag Team Championship: Koko Ware beat Manny Fernandez 2 falls to 1 to win the titles for the PYT Express.  Manny Fernandez wins the 1st fall with the Flying Burrito; Ware won the 2nd with a small package and Ware won the 3rd after a miscue from Rick Rude caused by Stagger Lee who hit Manny with the US tag title belt while Ted Dibiase distracted referee Tommy Young.

November 9th, 1986

Parkway South High School, Manchester, MO

-Chris Youngblood beat Wendell Cooley (w/Gary Hart) in 14:43

-"Dr. D" David Schultz (subbing for Johnny Rich) & Randy Rose beat the Moondogs in 20:28

-Sweet Brown Sugar beat Masa Saito (w/Gary Hart) in 9:04

-Ole Anderson beat "Maniac" Mark Lewin (w/Gary Hart) in 13:39

-US Tag Team Champion Norvell Austin beat Ken Timbs (w/Johnny V) in 14:59

-The Awesome Twosome beat the reunited Corporal Kirschner & Don "The Pride of" Kernodle in 33:08

Battlebowl Rules: Tom Prichard (w/JJ Dillon) & DJ Peterson beat Bruiser Brody & Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Paul Orndorff in 14:37 when NWA World Heavyweight Champion Big John Studd came out to attack Bruiser Brody and they brawled all over the venue. In the meantime, Robert Fuller grabbed a chair and attacked Orndorff, allowing Prichard to cover Orndorff to score the huge upset. After the match, James J. Dillon was celebrating with Tom Prichard and Robert Fuller! Has James J Dillon secured himself the services of the Studd Stable and the NWA World Heavyweight Championship???

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Orndorff and Brody as a tag team... that would be quite the pairing! 


Dr. D and Rocky Johnson would also be a fun hard hitting affair.


I am digging the awesome twosome and wondering where they will go. JCP has got a lot of singles stars and while that's a good thing it also pulls a team like these guys apart.


Really fun BattleBowl rules... like I said... I am all in for it and can't wait!

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November 14th, 1986

Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, TN

-Wendell Cooley (w/Gary Hart) beat Moondog Cujo in 11:33

-"Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer (w/Gary Hart) beat The Iron Sheik in 12:03

-"Maniac" Mark Lewin (w/Gary Hart) beat Bad News Brown in 17:38

-Don "The Pride of" Kernodle beat Dory Funk Jr in 8:34

Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship: Paul Orndorff beat Greg Gagne in 16:25 to retain

-Bull Gantner & The Missing Link beat Sweet Brown Sugar & Stagger Lee in 13:21

-"Dr. D." David Schultz beat US Tag Team Champion Koko Ware in 7:10

-US Tag Team Champion Norvell Austin beat Baron Von Raschke in 14:31

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Jim Crockett Promotions Presents Worldwide Wrestling

Taped at WTBS Studios in Atlanta, GA

Broadcasted weekend of November 15th, 1986

Quick and dirty results

Tony Schiavone and Bob Caudle hype up Battlebowl next weekend, November 22nd and tonight's special Final Stage event in Hopkinsville, KY will give us a little preview of what's to come next Saturday night as we will crown new World Tag Team Champions in the main event of Saturday night's show. A series of matches will determine who will be eligible to qualify for the final stage, which will be a 6-team Gauntlet Match, with the remaining team being crowned World Tag Team Champions. Two teams have already received slots by random draw: Ole Anderson & Ivan Koloff and the team of National Heavyweight Champion Arthur W. Crews & Kevin Von Erich! Joining Schiavone & Caudle for an interview are the Southern Boys, Steve Armstrong & Tracy Smothers, who will each receive a chance to qualify for the Final Stage on Saturday night.

Steve Armstrong: This is an opportunity of a lifetime for Tracey and I. Every team dreams of being the World Tag Team Champions. Tonight, in Kentucky, we  will seize that chance and move on to the Final Stage. We're hopeful that the luck of the draw will have us team together but whatever happens, happens.

Tracy Smothers: No matter what takes place tonight in Kentucky, the bond between Steve and I will remain as strong as it already is. We're both great athletes and should only one of us become World Tag Team Champions, there are plenty of objectives for us to accomplish in singles. Or even the National Tag Team Titles. When it's all said and done, the Southern Boys are the future of this sport and we're gonna prove it.

The Southern Boys are then interrupted by Professor Brad Rheingans and a radically changed Moondogs team They're now dressed a bit like Brad Rheingans and Rheingans seems to be rejuvenated.

Brad Rheingans: You call yourselves the future of this sport? This couldn't be further from the truth. Take a look at what's gonna rule this territory. Myself, Professor Lanny Kean and Professor Ed Moretti....THE FACULTY! And you can rest assured that one of us will be involved in the race to the Final Stage Match tonight in Kentucky. And we will come out victorious. Yes, I said "we" because if one of us wins, it's a collective win for The Faculty! But this is for tonight and this is now. Let's see who will prevail. The Faculty is challenging you to a 6-Men Elimination Tag Team Match right here in a few minutes! That's if you can find somebody who wants to tag with you because I don't see who would like to team up with losers like you!

Steve Armstrong: Don't worry about us, "Professor"....Instead, you should worry about who will be our partner!

(The Southern Boys and The Faculty leave from their side of the stage)

-The Studd Stable (Robert Fuller & Tom Prichard, w/James J. Dillon & Big John Studd) fight the Renegade Warriors to a double countout. Both Studd & JJ Dillon got heavily involved on the outside. Later in the show, Tony Schiavone & Bob Caudle announce that the Renegade Warriors & a partner of their choosing will take on the Studd Stable in Hopkinsville at Final Stage in a 6-Men Elimination Tag Match!

-Mr. Wrestling II beat The Great Gama Singh

(Footage of the November 9th event in Manchester, MO is shown in the match between US Tag Champion Norvell Austin and Ken Timbs in which Austin nailed Timbs' manager Johnny V with a right hand, sending him crashing to the floor. We then see some VTR footage from the Fabulous Blondes getting out of the hospital with Johnny V, sporting a neckbrace and being wheeled out by George Wells on a wheelchair.)

Ken Timbs: Norvell Austin, I hope you're very proud of yourself after what you did to our manager Johnny V last weekend. You have completely broken this man with your vicious and uncalled assault on him! Look at him! (Johnny V winces , holding his neck and trying to talk but can't even open his mouth)...You broke his jaw with that punch! And you almost broke his neck when he fell from the apron on the floor! You should be arrested for battery! But don't worry, we're not gonna do that. Because we're gonna find our way to get revenge on ya "Pretty Young Things"...we're gonna hit you when it hurts the most. And that's your US Tag Team Championships. Johnny V made the promise to give Arthur W. Crews and ourselves all of the gold and that's what we're intending to do. So, you better have your head on a swivel because we're coming for you and we're gonna make you pay for what you did to Johnny V!

-Dory Funk Jr (w/Gary Hart) beat The Missing Link

6-Men Elimination Tag Match: Dr. D. David Schultz & The Southern Boys beat The Faculty (Professor Brad Rheingans, Professor Lanny Kean & Professor Ed Moretti) with Steve Armstrong being the sole survivor.

Order of elimination:

-Tracy Smothers by Ed Moretti

-Lanny Kean by David Schultz

-Double countout between David Schultz & Brad Rheingans

-Ed Moretti by Steve Armstrong

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Jim Crockett Promotions Presents Final Stage

November 15th, 1986

Christian County Middle School, Hopkinsville, KY

Before the show starts, the ring announcer that the Awesome Twosome were scheduled to take part in the Road to Final Stage qualifying matches to take part in the Final Stage Match under Battlebowl Rules but because of the uncertainty on if they would end up being teammates or even qualifying for the Final Stage Match, Rude & Fernandez have mysteriously forfeited their slots, leaving the final match to now a 5-team Gauntlet Match

-Kerry Von Erich beat Greg Gagne in 14:39 with the Discus Punch. After the match, Kerry shakes hands with Greg Gagne and takes the mic. Kerry says that with Rude & Fernandez forfeiting their slots in tonight's card, they're showing that they are cowards because they won't get their way. Kerry says he's gonna petition for Jim Crockett backstage to include him and Greg Gagne in the Final Stage Match! The crowd seems to agree with Kerry here!

Before the next match,  Tony St. Clair steps into the ring and wants to make it clear that he's Simply the Best and he's gonna prove it. Tony St. Clair issues an open challenge for his World TV Championship!

 NWA World TV Championship: Bad News Brown beat Tony St. Clair (w/Gary Hart) in 9:39 with the Ghetto Blaster to win the title, despite interference from fellow Apocalypse member "Maniac" Mark Lewin! - TITLE CHANGE!!!

Road to Final Stage Qualifier: Professor Ed Moretti (w/Professor Brad Rheingans) beat Steve Armstrong in 15:49

Road to Final Stage Qualifier: DJ Peterson beat Randy Rose in 21:18

6-Men Elimination Tag Team Match, Battlebowl Rules: Tom Prichard & The Renegade Warriors vs The Studd Stable (NWA World Heavyweight Champion Big John Studd, Robert Fuller & James J. Dillon) ends in a no-contest when Prichard turns on Mark Youngblood early in the match. The Renegade Warriors are getting pummeled with straps by the entire Studd Stable until BRUISER BRODY runs in to make the save! Brody cleans house of everyone except for Big John Studd, who doesn't budge. Brody finally confronts Studd but James J. Dillon is able to convince the World Heavyweight Champion to retreat backstage...

Road to Final Stage Qualifier: Austin Idol beat Tracy Smothers in 13:37

Road to Final Stage Qualifier: Bull Gantner beat US Tag Team Champion Koko Ware in 4:48 after interference from the Fabulous Blondes, who attacked Ware behind Gantner's back.

Before the intermission, leading to the main event, the ring announcer confirms that Jim Crockett has accepted Kerry Von Erich's request and both Kerry & Gagne were entered. The teams for the Final Stage Match, contested under Battlebowl Rules are:

-Ole Anderson & Ivan Koloff

-National Heavyweight Champion Arthur W. Crews & Kevin Von Erich

-Professor Ed Moretti & DJ Peterson

-Austin Idol & Bull Gantner

-Greg Gagne & Kerry Von Erich!

Final Stage Gauntlet Match, Battlebowl Rules, NWA World Tag Team Championship: Greg Gagne & Kerry Von Erich beat Ole Anderson & Ivan Koloff, Arthur W. Crews & Kevin Von Erich, Professor Ed Moretti & DJ Peterson and Austin Idol & Bull Gantner to capture the vacant NWA World Tag Team Championship in 26:53. A huge celebration took place in the ring as the likes of Kevin Von Erich, DJ Peterson & Bull Gantner all came out after their elimination to celebrate with the new champions - TITLE CHANGE!!!

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Bad News with a title change is a big move here as he's got a lot of momentum in his direction. That's a fun little six-man elimination as well with the Battlebowl rules. 

Final Stage - Battlebowl Rules - NWA Tag Titles... a lot going on here and my oh my did it deliver. Kerry and Gagne are the new champs... great stuff. Love to see Ole and Ivan getting a shot. I definitely think they have some merit still in this time and this is the way to use them. 

Great stuff all around. 

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Jim Crockett Promotions presents World Championship Wrestling

Taped at WTBS Studios, Atlanta, GA

Broadcasted Weekend of November 15th, 1986

2 matches from house show loops were presented, in addition to the main event:

-Baron Von Raschke vs Mr. Wrestling (November 8th, Barton Coliseum)

-Battlebowl Rules: Tom Prichard & DJ Peterson vs Bruiser Brody & Paul Orndorff (Manchester, MO - JJ Dillon acquires the services of the Studd Stable)

-Mark Youngblood beat George Wells (with Johnny V)

November 16th, 1986

Agawam High School, Agawam, MA

Battlebowl Rules: "Maniac" Mark Lewin & NWA World TV Champion Bad News Brown beat "Dr. D" David Schultz & Rick Rude in 15:50

-Steve Armstrong beat Tony St. Clair (w/Gary Hart)

Falls Count Anywhere: Sweet Brown Sugar beat Austin Idol in 33:03

10-Team Battle Royal: NWA US Tag Team Champions The PYT Express win, "Dr. D" David Schultz & Rick Rude being the final elimination

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November 21st, 1986

Jefferson County High School, Dandridge, TN

Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship: The Missing Link beat Paul Orndorff in 13:45 to win the title after interference from Robert Fuller, who nailed him with a cowbell - TITLE CHANGE!!!

-Austin Idol beat Baron Von Raschke in 11:32 after interference from The Southern Ramblers

Steel Cage Match: Mark Youngblood beat Johnny Rich

-Bull Gantner beat George Wells (w/Johnny V) in 9:59

-Corporal Kirschner beat Tom Prichard (w/James J. Dillon) in 14:30

-Wendell Cooley (w/Gary Hart) beat Randy Rose in 11:09

Title vs Title, NWA World Heavyweight & United States Heavyweight Championship: Big John Studd (w/James J. Dillon) beat Ted Dibiase in 12:13 after a miscue from Bruiser Brody (who was chasing Dillon in the ring) allowed Studd to pin Dibiase. - TITLE CHANGE!!!

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After an eventful evening in Dandridge, TN in which The Missing Link also captured the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship from Paul Orndorff, courtesy of Robert Fuller's involvement, Jim Crockett has announced that following his victory against Ted Dibiase, he immediately forfeited the US Championship and it will be awarded to the winner of the Battlebowl tournament. 8 matches with random pairings will take place during the night and the winners of each match will advance to the main event battle royal, where the sole survivor will be crowned the new US Heavyweight Champion. No word yet on who will be taking part in the tournament yet.

As for Ted Dibiase, he was absolutely livid following the events that lead to him losing the US Championship to Big John Studd and is already talking about filing a lawsuit against Jim Crockett Promotions unless he gets what he wants. We should know more about this in the next few days. Stay tuned to Worldwide & World Championship Wrestling on TBS to find out more as things develop!

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